Show us your pet(s)


Thanks @SmoknGranny !

6 puppies and yes, first time mother. She kept getting false pregnancies so we decided to let her get the real deal :slight_smile:

Gave 5 away and kept 1. His name is Caos


Looks like she’s taking to motherhood well. I like a six pack. My first Brittany had 11 and she came from a litter of 13. When I was breeding English Setters I averaged 6-8 and was there for many litters. Fun times :heart:


6 was certainly enough for me. She’s the perfect mother and the false pregnancies went away, everyone’s sain and happy again.

Me and Caos, first taste of seawater


Beautiful pups! My Butters is having a false pregnancy now (again), so she keeps bringing me her stuffed animal toys - she thinks they’re dead puppies. It’s so pathetic.


Just can’t bring myself to like that
Here’s an aww


If you aren’t planning to breed her you may consider having her spayed. I sadly had to do that with a beautiful little setter but it was best for her. But I later got a pup from her sister and kept the Smith Setter bloodline in my kennel. Awesome bird dogs!


Yeah, I know. We wanted to have her spayed when we got her, but one of my daughters, who was six at the time, had a fit because she thought we were killing unborn puppies. I think I’m going to have her spayed this year though cause I can’t stand hiding all her to toys twice a year to prevent this.


I understand. But I think both you and she will be much happier. I usually had a waiting list for my puppies and I never bred a bitch before they were two and never bred them more than two times. The only time that rule was broken and I was overruled it almost broke up my marriage and a friendship. I’m still mad about that to this day :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: Long story and things didn’t end well. Needless to say, I never got overruled again.


It’s true, it can break up families. Our pets are big part of the family, so we just try to keep everyone happy.


Bitch had cancer. Hubby and our friend co-owned and wanted to save her bloodline. It didn’t end well and I had to take care of the situation as they were off at a field trial. The details are too awful to discuss and would break your heart. One of the worst days of my life and I still cry about it 15 years later.


Oh, no, I’m so sorry. It’s so sad when they get sick and it’s up to you to decide what to do.


Thanks. Luckily, we had a great vet/friend literally right down the road and he was very supportive with the decision.
I will say that later both hubby and our friend both admitted they should have listened to me and apologized for some things said that were uncalled for and hurtful.


Can’t see the pic. Either one :frowning:


Hmm, I don’t know what happened. Tried to edit now


Awww, puppies, she looks so happy with her new litter., congrats Lovely dog.


Adorable puppies. We kind of have a tribe


Beautiful pets man and they got the poses down too. I`m a sucker for those Shepherd eyes.


They all look so comfy and warm, nice tribe.


My Brazilian jungle fowl

people saw my bird and thought it was a baby vulture.


Looks like the baby thinks it’s a vulture too!