Show us your pet(s)


Just wanted to share my babies with you. This is soon to be 1 year old Mya, German Shepard. And, Dakota, she is a 6 year old Siberian Husky


Beautiful furbabies :heart:️:heart:️ THOSE ears :heart_eyes:


Thank you @Fairieswear8oots


They are both adorable, Mya looks like she loves attention.


Very much so @Mrcrabs


Here are my two cats. One of them died not too long ago from being attacked by a dog.

This is Ziva. She has the personality of the character Ziva David from NCIS.

This is Midnight. She was the one that died. She was a sweet kitten and loved being around me.


Holy Crap!!! @Budbrother I can’t even be around a snake in the yard, much less have a pet snake of my own. They give me the creeps.


OMG check out my 15 year old Spookee


Awwww, she is cute. Ziva is getting friendlier by the day. My aunt has a Tabby cat that is meaner than a cottonmouth and Ziva hates her.


#1 I’m so sorry about your sweet baby
:cry: rip sweet girl
#2 Ziva :heart_eyes: (I miss her and DiNozzo)


I saw your Ziva and was amazed how much she looks like my Spookee. I’m sorry about Midnight. I also had a Midnight years ago but we mostly called her Middee :slightly_smiling_face:


I also had a cats named Socks. He would play with me under the bathroom door. I have a song picked out for each of them that suits their personality. Ziva has gotten into this thing of laying down on my feet and just rolling on them.


If you all don’t mind this, I would like to share a link to a thread that i posted. Just talking about things in general.


Right on @Justgrowin you got a cool mix of scaley and furry lil buddies


Hey giys i promised pictures of my chickens a while back here tbey are


nobody here but us chickens!


Healthy birds my friend!!


Yeah, they look tasty :yum:


Nice to see so many fellow growers loving their animals.

Here’s my Shiloh pregnant and waiting

and finally they came


Beautiful Mom and babies :heart:️ I think I counted 5. Was this her first litter?