Show us your pet(s)


Abbie(normal) :heart: She rescued me and I returned the favore :heart:
I have more to share but I’m on a new tablet. No pics yet



She is refusing to have her pic taken :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:






our spoiled blue heeler(indica) and her partner in crime( killer). It’s funny hearing my wife scream indiccaaa where you at!!! The neighbors probably say she needs her fix.


i’ll throw my hairy ole puss in the mix!


Heres my pups lol
The cats aren’t not as camera friendly
Here one of the cats she loves boxes ?
The other two dont let me take pictures


@Countryboyjvd1971 Soresto soresto soresto haha!


Poppy in the poppies


I had three cocker spaniels with my ex
Sadly she won them all os divorce
I had a Black one i used to have to check his pulse he was so mello lmao


rescued gamefowl and hen! Just hachteed chickies before easter


Very cool @Mrcrabs i have chicken too
Need to get some new pictures when i get home


poultry porn is where this website really falls short john…lol
get them feathers ready for a flogging…lol


I have two now; one is ten with seizures and this little girl who is afraid of everything. It’s very sad really and all you want to do is console the little thing. She has turned into the most incredible cuddle slut from being originally standoffish. And, she’s a Daddy’s girl lol.


Hahaha thatsvtio funny @BIGE
And yeah thats cool @Myfriendis410 i miss mine actually well the black one was mine he was always next to me to other two where hers. Lol


rooster pics coming




Every one has some damn fine pets
Sorry I can’t get cats


last years tortoise hatchling