Show us your home made or hillbilly engineered grow stuff!

Hey everyone, what have you had to come up with on your own? I had a problem with a portable AC. I didn’t have a window close enough to vent it out, so I went straight down through the floor of my trailer to underneath. The AC unit was overheating and shutting off because it couldn’t push the exhaust heat down. It’s made to exhaust the heat upwards and out a window, not downwards and pushed through a scrubber. So I added a 6 inch booster fan in the floor, and then it worked fine, except when the AC turned off because the room reached it’s temp setting, the booster fan kept running and pulled the cold air right back out of the room, lol. So I took a little mechanical switch from a pinball machine (I restore pinballs and classic arcades), attached an air catcher to it, and wired it through a relay that controls the power to the booster fan. When the AC is running, the switch is forced on by the blowing air. As soon as the AC goes off, the switch falls back to it’s normally opened position and shuts the booster fan. The best hillbilly job in my grow room, lol.

Next issue was figuring out how to feed and or water the plants in the sides and rear of my closet grow on nights when I didn’t want to go through the work of pulling them all out or when I had a scrog in place and couldn’t. So I rigged up a small pump to fit on a 5 gallon jug with a line that went all the way to the bottom. I put a valve on the end of the hose I use for watering so I can easily control the volume of flow with the hand I’m watering with, and I wired the pump to a starter switch that I hold in the other hand to turn the flow on and off. I can reach under the leaves and around the other plants no problem.


And of course, it gets too hot in the grow room not to have a built in fan in the door right? lol

So lets see it, I know I’m not the only hillbilly engineer here!


But you might be the best!


Lol, thank you @AAA!

I’d kill for a parts list and sources for that set up. Really just exactly what I was thinking of mcgivering myself but yours is perfect for me. Good design!

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Wow :star_struck: That’s super cool!

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Its buried in shit rite now but i built my own dehydraror. It is great for drying larf and trim for hash. Its even better for herbs and fruits! Ill dig it out and get a picture.

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I had to modify my dehumidifier. I couldn’t have it in the room due to it increasing the temp by 10*. This way the humidifier pulled out the moist air Out of the grow room and exhausted into a different room.

Just had to extend the humidity sensor and add on some roof flashing so I could attach ducting.

Also had to make a door to conceal the grow room. Mirror door requires certain magnet placement to open and the secondary door has an electronic lock.


Nothing Hillbilly about that door!


Lol, hillbilly in the fact that I had no plan. I had to wing it.


That’s some fantastic work @Bobbydigital. Great idea with the dehumidifier. That’s the reason I needed to cut the box fan in my grow room door, the damn dehumidifier.

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Bruh… that door is sick! Awesome!

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I built something similar for a hidden gun cabinet.


That’s awesome work @Mmchugh42, looks great. Mine are hidden right out in the open. All you need is a plasma cutter and a way to get passed my cats, lol.


That’s awesome! That’s originally what mine was built for but I had to take advantage of all the extra space


Niiiice guys!:heart_eyes: i sooooo want to do that

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I call it the UAF! Ugly As


Wow! That’s slick right there :star_struck:


Thanks, first time building one and already tons of changes I need to make. First and only seed died this morning, so much to correct before putting seeds I pay for inside

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Lookin good re o

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That’s some damn good down home backwoods work @tchop134, I love it. Especially the exhaust fan rig up!