Show off you joint rolling skills


How well do you roll ? I’m ok at best, show me what ya got.

Hand roll with raw papers and DNA glass tip.


i have that same tray!


I just got mine a few weeks ago and love it. Works great,


I hand roll only no machines to help, however unfortunately im at the moment, when I get more ill upload one, likely will be in the morning


Can’t wait @Majiktoker


2grams glass tip raw long papers love my GSCX

Looking for them satellites


Smoke day in the bayou…

No work today so sad, missing out on over time, but get double time the next 2 -3 days. And miss out on opening weekend of now season. I’m glad I’m stocked up on herb.



That’s gotta be bow season hahaha! I’m in the last few days of our crappy season. The herd is down by 2/3.

I’ll have to twist a fatty and put it up. I LOVE THOSE RAW PAPERS! I grew up rice paper and dry Mexican ditch weed haha!


Yeah it was bow, missed that edit lol. Man I love my croppy on the grill with some lemon juice and butter.


I usually wait till late Feb. Early March to fish them. To hot down here any other time. That’s why I buy most of my fish from a buddy .


Crap I got another promotion at work … smoking my problems away