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When you need to get a light higher when the pulley system keeps it lower. I’d like to keep the option to raise and lower via the solution but whatever works is fine too.

I really need this light about 6 inches higher.


I use tie wraps in place of the cables to make it closer to the top

Can you post a picture?

I also loop the cables back on each other to make them shorter and move to just one center support
in this picture I still have a few inches I can raise the light if I need by just shortening the main support tie wrap


sling is single stranded to pulley/chain. Reconfigure, sling thru caribiner clip to other termination post.
Repeat for each side, connected to adjacent side termnation.
6 inch gain? Remove pulley system and connect directly to top bar.
another couple of inches. Best grow to you.

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I take off the pulley and fish the plastic/wire hanger thru the carabiner. That usually gets me as close to the ceiling as possible.

Pics kinda far away but you get the idea


I connect one side of the pulley to one side of the light then through the loop or bar and back to the light. You can snug it up within an inch or two of the support then. Eliminate the wires.


Next grow you can work at keeping the plants lower by training branches outward instead of upwards.
I use a net and keep tucking them under to keep them lower. but there are many techniques.
Do a search for LST training.


If the straps on the light that clip to the pulley will connect corner to corner along the short side, instead of 2 meeting at the pulley, you can get a couple/few inches.

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Get four pulley clips and put one on each corner of the light. You can get within 6 inches to the top of tent.

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Going forward, this is the plan. I didn’t realize how far these sativa plants would stretch. Scrog for sure next run.

Could a see a picture of this if possible?

Here ya go…snap.


That’s the ticket!

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