Show me your scrog (screen)

Thinking of scrog for next grow. If not inappropriate I would like to see picts of your screens, ( for design ideas) as I’m a green pea I have no experience building one. Have seen a couple picts here so far but would like to expose myself to several ideas that would work for me. 2x4x5 tent, inadequate lighting (for now, plan to upgrading HLG type system. Using soil FFOF 5 gal buckets, 2 plants. I am quite skilled so construction will not be an issue. pvc, wood, other materials I’ve not thought about. Thanks just don’t want to “reinvent the wheel!” So to speak. Thanks in advance.

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That’s right before I super cropped and started tying them down. I just used pvc frame, did not glue anything, drilled holes every 4 inches, put screws in the holes, and wrapped my string. Ran them all one direction, then weaved the other way

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I didn’t build my screen, bought it on Amazon and it just clips to the tent pole.

Secret Jardin WEBIT Trellis Plant Support 4’ X 2’’ W/ Hooks WEBIT120W


I have that same rug!

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Oh and the giant bonsai cannabis plant not too bad either!

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Damn! That’s what I’m talking about! Very nice

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Huh that trellis is as simple as it gets. Thanks for showing it.

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Here’s the screen I use. It’s adjustable and mobile.

A little closer look.

This lists the bill of materials and cuts.


You can use vinyl coated wire fencing with 2"x3" openings, too. That’s what I use, anyway. It’s stiff, yet flexible. Plus, I had a roll of it out in my shed.

I attach the screen via velcro straps or twist ties to posts, which themselves have been attached to a large plastic bin with open sides. The posts’ height is adjustable. Each plant gets their own screen so they can be easily moved & worked on.

I’m trying to attach a pic, but the internet is super slow, today.

These are small screens in an overloaded tent

These are 28"x21" screens in a tent with more room. I had just put the screen on them.


Here’s a couple in various stages


The cheap string I used on my outdoor grow sucked. The pvc frames with heavier cord works much better


Mine is in a converted freezer. It only fits one plant, about 22" x 18".