Show me your Maui Wowie

I can spend all night searching posts of who grew what when or I can just ask… show me your Maui Wowie please! Flowering pics, finished bud, pile of ash, whatever you’ve got show me what your Maui looks like.

I’m 5 and a half weeks into flowering my second go- round with ILGM’s gear and I’m curious what others look like besides mine.

Here’s mine right before the chop back in February


Here’s my last Maui wowie from a year or 2 ago.

10 May 2020 (5)


Nice looking buds. Thanks for sharing. Yours is way more compact than mine. And it’s not for lack of light on my part. Mine are much more stretchy expressing more of that tropical sativa kind of pheno . Is that ILGM Maui or someone else’s?

It really comes down to growing style. I used a mix of topping and supercropping to shape the plant. Also, I tend to grow them small to medium sized. They are easier to manage that way and I don’t need a whole lot of yield anyway.


This was my Maui from last year


You see, to my eye that looks quite a bit different. That actually looks quite a bit more like what I have grown and what I currently have flowering. I’d be sharing pictures but for some reason I must’ve failed to take a picture of mine when I was taking some natural light photos last night. I really need to get one of those light filter things for my camera

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I believe @Covertgrower just flowered one.

@Myfriendis410 and @merlin44 also have grown a few. @MattyBear too. Care to share fellas?


I’ve never done a Maui Wowie myself.

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Really?!? Too much weed man… too much weed


Just kinda starting like 2 weeks old as of now but my wifes sebring seeds heirloom maui waui its the 2 bigger ones the smaller one is a runtz i think by elev8 seed

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You’re not kidding haha!

I bought an alcohol extraction device that I’m having some fun with. Look at this 7 grams of honey I extracted out of some Durban Thai/Cindy 99 flower:

Matty is staying at our place on Wednesday and gonna lay some of this on him to take and share with the Sick Kid.

That shit is ‘one hit and quit’ stuff haha.


O my o my…. :drooling_face: :drooling_face: :drooling_face:. That looks AMAZING!! Yup those two gonna be space walking

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I’ll have to look through my journal to find an old picture. I have one currently, but it’s not pretty. Lol

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Looks like a glowing cauldron of stoned


Dude that is soooooo nice! I’m sure the boys will be down for the count :joy:


Thanks for the tag @PurpNGold74.

This Maui Wowie is from my most recent grow which I chopped in January of this year.

The photo was taken less than a week before harvest and yielded about 12 ounces of trimmed/dried/cured buds.

This is the other MW from the same grow.

This one produced about 14 oz of bud.

This is MW-2 immediately after chopping…On their way to the drying room.


Here is a closeup shot of MW-2 about two weeks before chopping.

It really put on some weight and density during the last couple of weeks.

This is a separate post because by the time I found the photo, it was too late to edit my previous post.


Im seeing pretty similar bud structures. Nice colas on them all. Your magic and lights stand out tho lol. Dont get self conscious boys and girls. Def not his first rodeo.


You make a great point here, Purp…
It is important for folks to recognize that different growing techniques, methods and setups will yield different results. Comparing grows done differently can result in expectations that may not be realistic.