Show me your food!

I love garlic

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@SheilaT hey now when you make your bread.Make this bread dipper.The ground anise is the key but not necessary.enjoy.

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I believe I may have found my new favorite home!

be prepared for pictures!!!

Man I love cooking!!!

(cleaning… meh not so much)


Sure looks like you could have used a little extra :bacon:. :wink:


yeah that was a really small weave on like a 1.5 loin

this was a larger one I did

And my beer can chicken smoker

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Oh yummy!! I love kielbasa. We both have polish origin. I usually smoke mine and use a 50/50 mix with pork & venison. Its been too long since i made it. Can you imagine how stuffed and stoned we’d all be if we all got together for a pot luck smoke out. :yum: :drooling_face: :dash:

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@scotch2cubes Saying in my family has always been cook doesnt clean! :laughing::laughing: I remember many a night growing up and cleaning up after mom and helping her cook.

I’m the same way now. I’ll make the good stuff, you do the dishes after :laughing:

I only use 100% pork butt, grind it super coarse. Have to stuff by hand too because mechanical stuffers alter the texture of the sausage (i can tell, I’m not crazy)

It takes a long time to hand stuff 30lbs using funnels and casing and popping bubbles with a needle lol