Show and Tell weekly pics


I made it from a cheap humidicrib. Then I sika’d a container to the bottom that fit perfectly by coincidence. I cut the holes for the cups, ran an airline into it with a t piece and 2 air stones. I got roots initially in 8 days. I’m stoked.


Sounds like it works great I use bubblers and it takes way to long I put them in dirt they root I wash it off then put it in so dirt is nakeing roots fast then my bubbler I’m gonna have too figure something easy and faster


That was great info man thanks I need that


the hairs are white started budding


six more weeks :sunglasses:


Got my new grow going, seeds in the dirt. Yea!!!



Dripping thc lol here’s my afghan u think it’s ready

let me know guys @monkman @Covertgrower @Medic58 @Dman1969 @S.FloridaSwampman @seascallop


They are beatified your doing a great job keep it up here’s my girls with little buds

day 8 budding


looking good bud, @Lostscuba … without seeing the trichomes i can’t tell if they ready on the top pics.


So this plant in 2 weeks went from this

tooo this it’s a clone some around day 30


I can’t get that close don’t have the thing but it’s around 10 weeks sense I cut my last afghan


It’s like a flicking jungle in here man buds plants growing like weeds


can’t go by “documented estimated time to flower” bud. that is just a “somewhere around now” to have you do due diligence for picking at right time. you don’t have to take pictures to post on here of your trichomes, but i think you do need to get you a jewelers loupe to check the trichomes at least for yourself. @Lostscuba


this is pretty close, but not really close enough to see if cloudy or clear or amber


That the best I got


i know, that is why i said to go buy a jewelers loupe, they are relatively cheap and you need to get closer view so you can see trics better. again, like i said, don’t have to buy macro camera to post on here, but we all want you to, lol. but it will help you get best out of your plants if you harvest at proper time.


monkman has you covered @Lostscuba


bobbydigital found me a macro camera that attaches to my laptop for my closeups and it only cost 36 bucks. i’m guessing but i think cheap jewelers loups are 15 bucks but i could be wrong. but that is all you need is down and dirty cheap close-up above 60x… though 60x might do it, i don’t know specifics for sure.


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