Show and Tell weekly pics


Here’s seed bay 5 strains wi

th a hash passion male


My sour kush it was 2 months Jan 18

this is now it’s a mother


@ GreenCoat Congrats on your 1st grow!!! Not many take it to that level on their 1st grow…well done


Thank you Ripper, very much appreciated. I dont want to take away from my own hard work but I think I was blessed with ILGM genetics with my plant


I’m excited about her offspring mostly, all 8 are beautiful like this! 1-2 more weeks I’m thinking


This is my 1st attempt at monster cropping. 5 weeks into revegging today.


The bigger one there is my PINEAPPLE CHUNK , she is also 5 weeks old today but from seed. The Lil SEEDLING there is CHRYSTAL but is 13 days old believe it or not.


So I made a bubble cloner with great success


And also had some harvest success


And here’s two more Hindu Kush clones in week 8 of flower, with a pure indica in week 3.


Very nice! The canopy looks great.


Nice mate. Love the clone bubbler box !


That’s the way. Perfect.


Lookn good all round @Ausgrow.


Abit to go yet, still alot of white hairs.


@GreenCoat, I truly don’t ever remember sending a message claiming to harvest 33.3% finite, but please let me know where I did. Immediately after you tell me I will retract the numerical percentage to a realistic number. I got ahead of myself because this message should have been premised with an apology. I have many character defects that I vigorously work on to be a better person every Day. I had an incident with someone, and it brought out a characteristic that I have been working diligently to control. I am not into flattery, so when I give a compliment it is rare when it comes to personal character assets. You are SMART, WITTY, and are extremely CREATIVE. I asked this person to leave me alone several times, but to no avail. When the Moderator got involved, he must have not even taken the time to read the messages, and retorted in prejudicial remarks only adding to the conundrum. Since then there have been demeaning, and character assassination in the little clan of Clowns. I am totally wrong, but in the past your message/questions were sent in bulk @, so I assumed that it was another dig at my character/knowledge. I hold no degree in Botany, and compared to others I lag way behind in many facets. I did write growing indoors is easy in comparison to growing outdoors because of all the various types of conundrums one encounters with in mother nature. I still stand by that statement because of obvious reasons that anyone could comprehend. Sorry, I went off subject. I assumed you were part of the INSECURITY CLAN, and attempting to make me look like an idiot. If people want me to text them I am an Imbasil, then I will personally write a message to anyone who asks. It’s not a pleasant feeling knowing that you are disliked even by insecure idiots when they will not give me a reason. In conclusion, I am wrong, and I hope you still use your talents to make me think, reminisce, laughter, ect. I hope you can forgive me for assuming, and I usually don’t assume anything because it can lead to giant conundrums in life. Please keep me in your loop with you witty questions, and blogs. RESPECTFULLY, me
P.S. The book question, and the Gentleman who took time out of his life to show me a pic of it is where/who I want to read /listen. It may be hard to comprehend, yet both of you made me have a vast array of memories, positive feelings, laughter, ect.


Everything is good mate, let’s just leave it as a big misunderstanding. If you ever feel that something.was said towards you, please just ask me next time and dont stew on it :slight_smile:

We are all good :+1:


My two Jack autos big one 6weeks from germination and little one 3 weeks from germination


There seeds are great I can’t order them :pensive:


Did u make those or u buy them like that