Show and Tell weekly pics


For distilled water can I use boiled water I don’t know where to get it


grocery store distilled water is not bottled water. Most decent sized supermarket or Walmart will have it. Also you can order it online at Amazon


Il check my little hood store here in town and the ph in distilled water would be ?? 0


just a whisker under 7.0


You’ll have trouble ph’ing distilled water. Not really anything in distilled to give a good ph reading.

Basically, distilled water takes on the ph of whatever is put into it, or it’s put into. That’s why you need distilled water to put your 4 and 6.8 buffer in. If you put that buffer on tap water, it would not read 4 or 6.86.


@Lostscuba you got a hell of a variety pac growing!!! :sunglasses::v::call_me_hand::+1: Here’s my latest pics. waiting on some amber.


That’s what I’ve been doing :joy: Il giver another go


Nice buds looks good I could eat it yea most of those plants in my closet is jack hair


Looking good brother!! Keep on keeping on!! :sunglasses::v::call_me_hand::+1:


Awesome job!!! keep on keeping on! :+1::v::sunglasses::call_me_hand:


I have the white nutrs plus one and i can calibrate to 7 or 7.01 or 6.98 . As long as u r within a point either way u will b ok. I check my calibration if I find I get diff readin from my tap water cause its pretty consistant on ph level. My tap always sits between 7.48 and 8. Inits off I calibrate with 7 solution. Had a few months now atleast and have had no issues and my girls couldnt b happier


Is she ready!!!???


Looks like not quite yet , keep eye on tricombs


The buds are getting tighter I think mines already pass it’s flower date afghan Is 10 week flower


To: @GreenCoat, I have never been lucky enough to break the laws of nature, and harvest 33.3% weight out of any harvest in my life. I used a metaphor of the statistics of the human Anatomy of water weight to that of a plant. Statistically the ratio, or percentage whatever mathematical terminology preferred to use is very close. If you are only weighing cured buds, then the percentage goes down substantially. I have respected you because of your witty, and creative mind, but I can smell cheese on a Rat Trap from anywhere on the planet. I am not a Mentor, nor will I ever be inspired to do so. I have a hard enough time to stop working to take a Dung, and I am not a people person because I am not good at interaction with others because of various reasons. For example, Insecurity, passive/aggressive behavior, leveling(cutting down another to help lift their own inequities, lack of self esteem), simple mindedness, ect. I have many character defects but I don’t suffer from previous listed examples. I go through, “Bud of the Month” & “Bud Porn”, every week or so. I give a Heart to those entries that I like even if I dislike someone, for whatever reason. In truth, I only dislike one person because I asked several times to be left alone, yet the person wouldn’t quit till I had turned my cheek to be metaphorically slapped to the point that I lost my temper calling him out to settle it like men at his choice of location. We both live logically in the same area, and I am ashamed that I got angry instead of letting it go. I hope this answers the question, and there are really good people here. The first Book question, and the Gentleman who took the time to take a Pic & send are the Salt of Earth that I am talking about. He may not understand how much that made me feel good by reminiscing from the Moment in time when I bought it, and the Lady’s Facial expression because I was a little kid to other memories. I have to get going, and I hope you continue to work with your creative mind with questions of substance & wit!!! Good Day


I forgot to mention that it’s about 80% water weight in the average Human, and 20% other. That was what I was trying to convey, but all forms of communication is easily misconstrued. Remember back in Grade School where the Teacher would say to the first Student, “The Dog barked”, and pass the message verbally the next student quietly. When the last student was asked what was the message it would end up being distorted to where the message would end up being, “The Men on the Moon saw Martians”. One person says one thing, and it just goes predictably astray.


Yea same mine around 7.1 my tap water we get our water from greens lake



Jack hair


Waikiki queen looking sweet man…you clearly know what you are doing…keep up the green work !!! Here are some of my ilgm cuttings ready to pick…huge buds…critical mass and bergman’s gold leaf ( second harvest and still no gold leaf weird as…both incredible to smoke… (:smile:

mass is first photo