Show and Tell weekly pics


Yeah ok, I’ve got bluelab andr ph to 6.98 there abouts


But seriously everyone, can I get a congratulations on my first harvest. This forum is the only place I can celebrate :sweat_smile:

I’ve posted it in 3 different threads looking for some love haha


The nutri is calibrated with 7 and the other has pen has these


Im just venting frustration that I use 3 or 4 different pens every week and do trust anyone of them. I know some like to read high and some low and just go with it


Congrades man you be a smoking :triumph::triumph::drooling_face::nauseated_face::sleeping:


You have to mix those with distilled water


And I’m outta :heart: :laughing:


So if it stays at 4 it’s good to go ???


I have the 7.0 sulotion already mixed should I just use that it came with the white one I’ve been worried that my ph is gonna kill my plants


Think you should be able to cal both with the 7ph


It says only off 1 ph here’s with the 7 buffer

I got like 5 different one I’m gonna have to buy a good one


So is that good and ok to use ???


I always test my reader against good old fashioned ph tape reader in a test tube.


Do you know if the ph strips are any good


Yes very much so. When I calibrate I confirm with ph strips.

My first ebay ph tester failed the test every time. My Hanna tester doesnt skip a beat


I tryed all mine there outta wack gonna grab the 100 $$ dollar one but the one I bought for 11 bucks is ture I’m returning 4 of em


China junk nock offs here’s my afghan she’s almost done what do u think

@Covertgrower ???


6.86 solution is what that pen is supposed to be calibrated at. The 4 and 9 are supposed to verify it’s readinf correctly.


Ok that’s the trick I new it said u gotta test all three I just did it at 7 buffer works just a little off but thanks that solves my problem


4 day of bud there perky just fed them