Show and Tell weekly pics


Mine only went up 120 wit 2 x 1000 watts plus a 600 watt hps


I average a third


@Lostscuba, I am working, but I like to scroll around looking at pics, and I saw the one I am trying to explain. Tonight I will look around, so I can get the word from the Horse’s Mouth metaphorically. Have a good day, and thanks for responding to answer my curiosity. Thank you


So I am back in the game 2 bran new ph meters :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::drooling_face:



@Covertgrower can u walk me through the calabation I think the sent a dud it should work right outta the box @Liljoe


What kind you get, the bluelabs need to be calibrated before you use


I tryed I got 3 cups going with different calibrations


And pancellent one


You average a third of your wet harvest ?



Sumthing like that maybe not honestly don’t know bro


they are both reading 4PH just use them


The blue colored PH pen is the same “style” as mine. Dip into all solutions to see what they say individually, push “calibrate” on the 6.83 one. Then double check again everything works.
Should have instructions to follow when you purchased it. @Lostscuba


So you guys calibrate to 4 & not 7 …?


This depends on the model @GreenCoat mine is 6.83


I have 2 bluelab/2 hanna/1 aspera and even after they are calibrated they all still read different


Ah ok gotcha, thanks @Covertgrower


Should start at 7 then 4 my hanna has a 9 too


There’s definitely some ph “drift” and I believe that’s why the ph pen I have calibrates to 6.83 @boardsbird but as long as it’s within a point, I’m okay with it.