Show and Tell weekly pics


So because it is early in my first grow here are my girls Meg and Deb.

and this is the set up from outside the tent.


Looking very well organized & clean… I like it!


I have 2 more fans coming on Monday. I bought only one because this is my second tent. I got a 2x2x4 first and realized I would really want it to be bigger so I stepped up. I am hoping I can get a decent harvest. I am hoping to get that done before September. I leave for two months and no one will be home. I am a bit concerned if I will have enough time to have that cured before I go so it don’t go bad before I get to use it. I am taking a trip to South Korea to visit family and some golfing. I am sure there is at least one or two golf courses for me there. So that mean I will need help to pull this off.


You will do it I got faith your only doing 2 so it will be quicker


Look at this it grew over night like this


how’d you make out with your gorilla glue


Their doing excellent, i’ll try and get a pic up after lights come on


White widow making clones


white widow


What happened to your plant?


@Lostscuba, I am curious how the pic with the one bud that the stalk looks like rope twined together with a bud on it happened. I have seen Ficus trees for sale that look similar, and I was just curious. Thanks


Do u remember what pic it is I have so many is it the one with the big bud at the top


Day 3 into flower


Let’s just say my purple macroine that’s what @PurpNGold74 called it but I’ve picked one of every strain I have and put them with a male in a sepret room

this one is purple Marco


@Liljoe @Covertgrower @Medic58 @GreenCoat


I can see the passion you have for growing mate, it’s awesome! Keep it up :slightly_smiling_face:


Yea I love it im trying to get my garage this summer up and running but I finely figured the flowering method I just use my washroom but I get light leaks cuz I gotta use it sumtimez but at the end of the month I’m makeing my dwc. A RDWC so they get more air


This is my first hydroponic grow as well and never going back only mothers in soil but I just cut my clones when I need them


Harvested main Colas today… left lower part due to revegged growth being behind.

Rookie trimming job :grimacing:

729grams wet … what should I expect dry…?


Somthing like 25% qP probly