Show and Tell weekly pics


There yea go I do that too nice and green I alway get yellow leafs when I’m budimg but good stuff


What did u make your scrog outta pvc ??


My Gold Leaf at end of week 6 of flower. Still 3 weeks to go


@garrigan65 Looks awesome :+1::call_me_hand::v:


It’s the top if an ibc tote cage that was left over from my aquaponics system build


I got black roots I change the water all my plants are gonna die before my ph meter gets here one day :rage: The roots start doing dumb sheet I think I caught it in time ???


Not good bud hope it comes in time :frowning_face: you have a pic @lostscuba



Just ugly but the top is nice


She looks happy don’t know a bunch about hydroponic as I do a lot of aquaponics and it’s a constant flow system I have not had this problem looks like root rot but not sure


Yea it happen over night because I changed the water maybe not enough air going to the buckets I eventually was a hook them together so I don’t get this problem it’s pretty much same thing I tryed pariah didn’t work


Just have to watch it over night see if it goes back


I checked it 5 days tell its here it’s in Toronto



So my reg hash passion both of em are males. No wpunder they give them for free dam seed bank :triumph::rage::triumph::triumph::tired_face::weary::rage::sob:


That sux brother!!!


What are your water temps?


I put water bottles every couple hours I don’t know really it happen over night I don’t think it was getting air


Clones are fattening up :scream: