Show and Tell weekly pics


Yea I have one from there but I dropped it now it’s broken


@Lostscuba Those seeds are junk… It’s terrible genetics it’s like bagged hemp like seed.

Do your self a huge favor and plant them outside don’t waste any money or energy on them.

To grow good product you need good genetics I’m sure any veteran grower here will agree


I use sensi a and b Then I got micro grow bloom I don’t have one with that much nitro


Yea I plant them in the summer I don’t waste my time on them I just plant them for fun I have. Field I plant a whole bunch in I do it for fun and let them grow wild


I won’t grow them indoors last time I tryed my plants got these crazy bugs that would eAt the seeds of my good strains like a little yellow worm that eats seedling


But so far they haven’t sky rocked up only 100 bucks but we will see at the end of them month I changed out a 600 for a 1000 in my kitchen so I got 1600 Hun watts


i just tried to figure cost on this jar of WW here is the break down

seed 0 found in my fall harvest
dirt repurposed 0
bag rep, 0
light shared with 3 plants 3 months 15 bucks or so
nutes none o zero
water say 10 bucks
fun i had growing Priceless
fun i get to have smoking my2 zips weed legal grew by me for 25 bucks
infinity x

have a good un yall…jimmie


That’s the one I had worked good tell I dropped it I tryed calibrating it it just keeps going up one digit at a time I don’t have cash so I hAd to use my card


Yea lol I didn’t know it was there tell my mom told me so it’s a win for me I set up my 265 watt led in there so far so good



What’s those pully light hangers you got goin?


I am running 2200 watts of HID now, i am sure i will here about our hydro bill from my wife now :roll_eyes:


Way to be resourceful…


Apollo Horticulture GLRP18 Pair of 1/8" Adjustable Grow Light Rope Hanger w/ Improved Metal Internal Gears

most of my lights came with the hangers


I got 2600 lol we will see at the end of the month but my plants get bigger every day it’s crazy how fast it grows


@Liljoe @Covertgrower is this a male ??

? @garrigan65


It is I found more it’s dead now hash passion rest in peace here my two purple Marco clone


Day 25 in flower

What do you think @lostscuba @slowoldguy


they look very orange, this is caused by one of 3 things…

  1. really weird, never before seen genetics,
  2. a filter on the camara,
  3. High Pressure Sodium photo shoot.!!

they look to be standing up better and inviting the light…???
my old ass can’t tell much from orange or blurple pics, they hurt my eyes.


for sure they do they are filling in but long way to go yet


@slowoldguy lights out pic from the other night