Show and Tell weekly pics


I even tried the 6.86 solution maybe im doing it wrong because if the ph was to low or high it would kill my plants right they are growing like crazy mybone plant grew like 9 inches in a week every day bigger and bigger


I’m looking to grow cbd only for my niece she’s only 14 so it can’t have any thc. I’m wanting the highest cbd I can get.


Yea it almost has 1% so it’s only cbd pretty much read the paper


Green house is another company I would like to try but as ilgm and green house don’t ship to Canada I’m gonna grab new strains at the end of the month


Quebec Poutine REGULAR Seeds (Digital Genetics). And ICED Grapefruit Feminized Seeds (Female See is what I got my eye on


Got my self another closet lol it’s been here the whole time

sett it up with the led


Bubblegum auto week 4 /29days from germination been starting to flower for about a week now!!


sour kush 60 days soil mother plant. @LoCoRock hey man I found another closet had to make use of it


They look nice man stocky :+1:t5::ok_hand:


I have no idea, one I usually recommend another member just had fail


Yea me too so far 3 took a crap I dropped my good one now I gotta wait tell the 8 th to check my ph witch is not good


My girls are turning yellow any ideas the only nutes I got are sensi a and b. And micro grow bloom



Needs more nitrogen, I’m just not sure of your nutrient line which one to add. On the NPK ratio you want the first number to have a little bit more of.
Example: 10-0-0


Pretty leaf’


How long ago was it since you were able to measure ph in and out?


Og kush autoflower 75days old


@Lostscuba I have the ph meter from green n clean shop, 38 bucks and no issues yet. I always keep a fresh pkg of ph drop tester just incase

Thats my ppm meter but ph one is exact same but white


@Lostscuba I stand corrected. There was more room in the house to put plants…lol


Lookin hungry @Lostscuba
How does ur landlord like ur hydro bills? :joy::joy:


I pay the hydro only 100 a month for my plants my land lord is my blood