Show and Tell weekly pics


This is the night group


Day time resdents


Here’s the latest pic of my baby :sunglasses::v::call_me_hand:


I only grew 2 autos in my time growing blue chesse hindo kush I grow all photo types cuz I’m a cloning man :nerd_face:


Do I see some red neck scrolling going on here ?




How does a red necks neck become red ?


From working out side bent over


Not quite yet , mine will look like that very soon.


Two 1/2 weeks of budding.


That’s what I was attempting lol the buds are getting so heavy I got to tie them up😎


That’s what I do


Red neck scrogging that’s the way to go if your low on funds I never use to use nutes but know I do and it changed every thing now I’m 45 plants deep and loving every minute of it


Grow on :sunglasses:


Keep on keeping on friend!!:sunglasses::v::call_me_hand:


For sure always and for evea I got like 9 plants on budding now I didn’t flip the switch on my closet yet they need more time


@Covertgrower well I dropped my ph meter now it’s all f up and now I can’t test my ph levels witch is not good do u know a good cheap ph meter this will be the forth one I bought shitty ph pens they work for a week then stop working so I need help to get a good one @Liljoe @garrigan65 @dbrn32 @Medic58


Free 100 seeds wit 10 %cbd 1% thc if u want them as well google Canada over grow

@Liljoe. @Covertgrower @Medic58 @monkman @LoCoRock @Dman1969


@MattyBear just upgraded his ph meter. I have a no name brand, but it’s still working good. As long as you can calibrate it.


Yea they all worked at one point then my last good one I dropped it last night so there all out wack and I tryed calibrating them doesn’t seem to help I put it in the 7.0 buffer solution now I don’t trust them so I just bought another one so this will be number four