Show and Tell weekly pics


Like 1 time? That won’t hurt anything.


Ok just gave them some extra sleep I guess they are doing alright there in my tub :joy:


Mother of Cherry Pie - Trichs are still clear

They look cloudy because of the light shining on them but through the camera they are clear


Cherry Pie Clone


She almost looks like she’s giving the lighter a hug :grin:. Anticipation of things to come ? :wink:
Very nice looking plant there @GreenCoat. Very frosty. :+1::v:


Thanks @Oldguy… Anticipation is the right word! :grimacing: I’m tempted to hang one of the clones now but I’m sitting on my hands for another week.

Haha and yes the lighter looks like it’s taking a snug little hug


9 full weeks. Aurora Indica. Crop day


Love the way you, trained your plant she’s beautiful.


Beautiful trichomes cloudy and a little of brown ones.
just curious.


Next 1 I start in a few weeks will be improved training. I set the net to high up I feel. And going wall to wall was a pain in the ass getting in there to tend/water. I’m gunna set up a PVC frame around em…and set a lower net for the lower part of the canopy to support the weight (I have some pretty heavy buds on the sides) and then a second net this time on the upper canopy to support that.


Exactly. They’re pretty ripe and on point. Gunna look at em through a scope again as I hang them later today


mine are waiting to be harvested because waiting on brown trichomes


I plan on pulling them down at different stages. Some during clear, some during cloudy & some at amber.

Then jar them ;
Clear Cherry
Cloudy Cherry
Amber Cherry


4x4x6 space with 2 hlg qb100s and a growstar “1000”. Plants started under the growstar. Temps were getting down to mid teens at night. Internodal spacing and branching was good but growth slow. Since using the qbs for about 3 weeks plants are much more vigorous. The 5gal buckets are older (I wised up and bought some vivosun bags). I’m looking to replace the growstar with 2 atreum 288.2 panels run on 1 meanwell hlg240. The two larger bucket plants will go to 12/12 in a week. 4 weeks later the next-largest 2 will flip and so on–creating a 2-plant harvest every 4-5 weeks.

From left to right, back row to front row:
Purple kush clone
Jedi kush from seed
Kosher tangie from seed (super thick and citrus!)
Bayside purple clone
Gassed up punch clone
Purple kush clone
Kosher tangie bagseed (bottom left corner)
Larry OG clone
Kryptonite clone
The 2 red cups in front are jedi kush from seed. They will go in the ground outside in a couple weeks once lows are above 40.

This kosher tangie is tough, thick, compact and pungent. It eats heavily without missing a beat. I think I hit the phenotype jackpot with a flavorful yet bushy specimen. I just took 2 clones off this last night and will probably take 2 more right after flipping to 12/12. Conservatively defoliated all the big ones last night too.


Yea man that’s great il be there one day I’m outta likes



CBD Dutch treat in the middle. (sativa hybrid)
2 random sativas, one on each side from my dad’s bag of seeds he can’t remember what thry are.
These plants have been through hell and back but are actually doing not to shabby. Not sure how far they are into flower I’m guessing 3 weeks.

A week into 2 CBD auto cheese that the tent is actually meant for… But turned out getting these other 3 back to flower as a friend was holding them.


Picked up another 1000 watt hps the kitchen is gonna grow now 177 bucks


5x5 and 4x4

White widow… Lucky Widow #1… ILGM Blue Berry Auto

Greenhouse clones Okie Diesels mostly 1 GG#4

ILGM Super Skunks and1Critical Orange Punch in middle harvest is sat or sun.


Update on closet