Show and Tell weekly pics


Look at all the weed in there I wish I burnt through my weed already I smoke a lot can keep up with the growing I smoke to much


Here’s my last afgan she’s taking a beaten should be bigger


Here’s finished bubbler just need to tape it up going to put water in it and put the first clone in it


I think I’ve found the one the tub I’ve been looking for



Those are the ones that i use…:wink:


220 gallons I think but it took me awhile to find it here is what I’m doing @monkman are you really a monk ?


lol @Lostscuba monk comes from childhood nickname. had black hair and big ears that stuck out so i looked like a monkey. have hs yearbook picture of me playing 3rd base in baseball and captioned “here is Ron in his monkey stance” but have kept the moniker my whole life. you can tell on my fb page who are friends and who are acquaintances. all my friends call me monk! but yes, i have always been interested in philosophy and theology.


Ok same I took a leap in Islam. Been coverted for 3 years know best decision in my life now I’m drug free and look at every thing I new differently now but I ture mulism can’t smoke weed or be on methadone but I say f em I can’t do what I want


i have read/studied most of the main religions. am protestant Christian myself and believe that Jesus died on the cross for my personal salvation. but… my experience in “organized” religion has put me off from lots of those experiences. to be honest Islam scares me… there are some things i just can’t accept such as “kill an infidel and get 64 virgins in heaven”.
i’m pretty sure sex is not going to be the main focus of my time in heaven and makes me wonder about the validity of some of Islam’s precepts. Many claim Islam is a tolerant religion but the way they treat women and their statements toward infidels is counter productive. their idea is my way or i kill you from what i see, yes that is just the “radical” ones, but it gets preached in their mosques anyway here in the states. the Jew’s had eye for an eye, the Christians had turn the other cheek, i can’t get around the idea that the same God, and the only God would go the next step as do it this way or you get to kill people. I am sorry if this annoys or hurts you, but i will always tell what i believe.


I converted from Christian to Islam it’s they say it’s a life not a religion but those are mostly tarrest on tv that are making there own religious beliefs the Quran doesn’t say kill for god they forced that on ppl cuz they are in there nabour hood with guns that’s like watching a guy that’s never done trouble gos to jail and becomes a gang member same choice


I really don’t want to go on this topic bud, for me this is neither the time nor the place. I know there are very good people who practice the Islamic religion just as there are Christians who do the same. and there are Christians and Moslems who don’t. I think it is important for human beings to have a “higher power” that they believe in as it helps with dealing with this adventure we are on called life.


Yea you said it my friend. I’ve tryed two religions and this one when ppl are praying and speaking it just feeling like your plug in to a battery


btw @Lostscuba, i spent two years in Saudi Arabia in a little town called Baharah and was 17 miles from Mecca. I never got to see Mecca and would have loved to as i am big on historic sites but i am a christian and was not allowed to go into Mecca. I was starting up brick kilns. i had friends who were Moslem and others who you could tell just hated me because they could tell i was from the “hated” west.


Lol I got a criminal record I can’t leave Canada unless it’s to go there for religious beliefs might pull on those strings see if I can get free ride one day I will go i think any 3 world countries I can go to


I spent a lot of time in Windsor bud working at the auto plants there. I absolutely love Windsor… a city with a small town attitude. great people there. and for free drinks in a bar… you can’t now… but windsor is the only place in canada that is south of the USA. you go straight north from Windsor to get to Detroit.


I’m from Sudbury the way up north probably 7 hours from there Windsor my city gives Canada and USA nickel


Probably like 20 mines around me


This is jack hair city plus sour kush blueberry unknown mother plant og ture og kush


Inside my tent. :grinning:


Nice not to shabby I clone couple to keeep as my own strains gonna try breeding jack hair with hash passion or og or both I thought about it do one batch of my own then put a male in there for abit then bang my own seeds :face_with_monocle::sunglasses::face_with_monocle::sunglasses: maybe they will be worth millions lol in my dreams :joy: :joy: