Show and Tell weekly pics


He means like this


Ok :+1: now I understand thank you my friend and that makes sure the hole light is used up ?


the best I can do tell I can buy a reflector with the socket already on but this cable is a heavy duty 15 foot


even a cheap batwing reflector would do u good.!

if u can not find one without the socket, contact Sunlight Supply via e-mail or visit the nearest grow store, they will hook u up.!!

Bobby’s pic is dead on, but if u can get a reflector it’d be better.!


I got that from my grow store there prices are unbelievable ripping ppl off they only had the socket with out that or pay 200 wit it so I’m gonna look on line see what I can get thanks and I’m ph pen outta wack has to go spend 40 bucks on this one does anyone know if this is a good one


So day 5 on the root farm challenge starting with small doeses so far works and it’s in root farm hydroponic soil every thing root farm with this one true og


this is my Fruit Punch AutoFlowering Plant that is kicking serious ass. It is covered in buds and nice and tall. It is a 90% sativa


check the Sunlight Supply site for prices before buying anything from your local store.!
my local hydro shop is the same price as Sunlight, i can use their catalog for pricing.!

if u spent less then $50 on the pH pen it is probably not very good, return it.!!
there is a $50 and an $80 pen that members here r liking, ph-20 and ph-60 i think,
both r good and the $80 pen has a replaceable sensor bulb.
i love my Blue Lab pens, accurate and reliable, but they r $100 each, ouch.! LOL


4 week old critical purple


OG Kush resting in darkness for her last hours…and super solid buds!!!

@Lostscuba @peachfuzz


Yes it works finely It’s right on I even got a bottle to calibrate it :partying_face:


Yo man that’s a nice bud man I can only wish for those still in training probably smells great it always does :face_with_monocle:


Yea bro more is better. They look great as well keep me updated every one else drop some pics to


Do they ship to Canada a lot of companies don’t


@Lostscuba @Covertgrower @Liljoe
here’s the latest pic of one of my girls. I’m thinking a couple more weeks

hopin I’ll get 4 or 5 ozs what y’all think?


Very nice… :wink:
Awesome grow… :wink:
Super ffaaattttt…:grin:


You will get more then 5 that’s my guessmation


You got two like that I. would wait as long as u can throw her in over drive I still got an Afghan in bud but she’s taking for ever probably cuz it’s in the washroom


Had to show off this ILGM Blue Dream. She’s looking ready.


@Lostscuba I got one bushy one and one tall one. the tall one is the runt she was born with shell cap this is a pic of her.