Show and Tell weekly pics


@Covertgrower Well I know my lights aren’t quite big enough. But I gotta deal with that this grow. I’m only using ff trio and organic soil. Think me upping my ph jus a tad would help. Or if it ain’t broke don’t fix it?


Yo @Covertgrower when u turn your ph on does it stArt at 0


You already know… @Dman1969

@Lostscuba it depends on the model, but sometimes it picks up where it left off, then adjusts from there.


I did the calibration it was starting off a 00 now it’s stays on 16 instead of zero it’s backwards it’s a panellent i tryed 10 times frustrating


Not sure what’s going on with that. Check the instructions.


I did I’ll figure it out or send it back


Update on my clones sour kush jack hair true og couple more


So I put an add on kajiji that I’m looking for hydroponic gear I get this call says he has some stuff I said ok he brings it over it’s everything I needed didn’t have to pay just traded :partying_face: for some outdoor from the summer


I’m going to try with my latest batch of plants during flowering. I’ve heard 1 tsp per gal water and best done as foliar spray. Best of luck


Try what ??? Here’s my four in one plant before and after

just giving her haircut.


@PigmanBBQ @Nicky @SlowOldGuy @Oldguy @Clay77 @S.FloridaSwampman @dbrn32 @Covertgrower and anybody else I forgot.


@Olddog2270. I usually perk up in the warm sun as well. :grin:
Lookin really good. -7 c here last nite. +8 c today then down to -13 c tonite. Man I can’t wait for spring. :roll_eyes:.
Peace :v:


@Lostscuba. They will take that in stride and give back so much more because of the trim. :grin::v:Peace.


Ones not doing to good but I lst them apart we see how that goes @Liljoe I used that bottle up already and been throwing lots of frozen water bottle it’s helps going to grab more buckets and juice today


Here’s my 600 att work best decision I ever made

and closet hopping to get more then 4 ounces


Lmaooooo…the sun has thst affect on our achy bones!!


lower that light and place it vertical until u can get a good air-cooled hood and fan.!
arrange the plants around it, if u can utilize all the light u could get 4-6 oz easily.!!


Ok will try her out see what happens I went big on buckets today home depo was ten times cheaper I will never buy buckets from green and clean every again for buckets plus new ph pen


I just started doing it because the dirt and bugs if there’s any can get all over the plant I even talk to them lol


What u veritable tell me different so I can understand straight like a normal one?