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Ok thanks I will try to get it there my new light is way to hot my roots getting brown again that stuff I bought par for root rot doesn’t really work I’ve Ben putt frozen water bottle helps abit but I can’t keep up to freezing em


Got my ph perfect first time ever and how much should the ppm :honeybee: 1200 ?


I may be wrong but isn’t it 6.4 to 6.8 in soil?


Seems 6.5 is the sweet spot. Lower than 6.5 and phosphorus, calcium and magnesium start to becoming unavailable. Higher than 6.5 and stuff like manganese and iron become unavailable. At least according to the soil nutrient charts, not my expertise or lack there of.


It’s staying at 16 then I put it in the water it comes down to the ph level is Ir supposed to


Yes, mine reads like 14 when it’s not in water. Put it in the water and let it sit for a minute to stop jumping around. When it sits at the same PH for about 5-10 seconds, that’s the PH of your water/solution.


Ok I will try it I mix the pack in to 250 ml of water I set it in. The water it’s says 6.74 I think sum things wrong because it stay at 0.00 now it climbed by it self so as it come out of water


It’s supposed to be a 4 ph it’s sitting on 6.04 and it would start off a 0.00 now it climbs to 16 by its self soon as wit come out of waters I think I broke it


It should only be 4.0 if it’s in the 4.0 solution (mixing the 4.0 packet in distilled water). It should read 6.86 when in the 6.86 solution (mixing 6.86 packet in distilled water). When you pull it out of the water/solution it will read all sorts of things. It only matters what it reads in the water. Once you’re getting those readings in the solution, you can test your tap water to see the ph of your tap water.

Don’t try and PH plain distilled water, you’ll get readings bouncing all over the place


I boiled water put pack in 250 not at 6.86 it’s at 784 could be damage


Make sure the water is room temp. If it is, it sounds like it needs calibrating. Start with 6.86 packet and stir it in room temp distilled water.

Hold calibrate until it blinks 6.86

Put it in the solution until it stops blinking and should read 6.86


Ok I did it it worked but then it climbs back to 16.00 it’s supposed to go back 00 I think it defective cuz it did work at first


@Dman1969 6.2-6.5 is better for soil, in Veg. For beginners I highly recommend to just trying to keep it between these ph points.
For a more advanced grower I would say 6.5-7.5 or at least allowing the ph to swing towards the higher numbers. Here’s why:
When in veg nitrogen is very important to the plant, and 6.2-6.5 is the best ph range to allow for proper nitrogen uptake.
However, when you switch to flower, especially late flower, you cut back on nitrogen and basically allow it to use all available nitrogen. Allowing the ph to swing higher will not allow the ph to uptake in nitrogen anymore, and it WILL allow potassium and phosphorus to continue to be utilized in that ph range.
I hope this gives you a better perspective of PH how and why it’s importanr at certain times.


What’s the ppm supposed to be for seeding and veggin my ph pen it’s defect it did work at first


If it’s out of the solution, it will be all over the place. It doesn’t just drop the 0 when you pull it out. If it bothers you, you can wait to turn it on until you’re in your water/solution and turn it of before you remove it.

Also make sure to keep that glass bulb clean


I’ve been going by this for PPM. The 100-250 is usually what normal tap water has in it.


I don’t trust the pen it’s I check it within the pen then checked with drops my plant was the red colour with the drops I’m returning the ph pen for new one I understand I did what your saying


@Covertgrower man that was some very informative information and it blew my mind too!! So I can potentially raise my ph and make my buds bigger? Because I been sticking with the 6.4 to 6.8 don’t get me wrong that’s all I’ve known.


Thanks I’m copying that for sure


Not quite, you can’t force them. There’s still a little plant mystery left in there. :wink: proper nutrient timing, and not chopping them too early are the two biggest factors next to adequate lighting. @Dman1969