Show and Tell weekly pics


So far the bulb is twice the size the ballast over Heats my 600 watt vivosun doesn’t get hot at alll should I take the the case off ??? To scared to pump it at 1000 watts says could blow up



Yo @PurpNGold74 the magnetic wave :ocean: it’s screwing up my cameras all fuzzy it over heats my 600 didn’t but it’s big doesn’t look like the other one either


still got a way to go doin nicely after splittin stem on accident


For sure got me beat. I can’t wait for my to get bigger to bud what kinda lights u use


@dbrn32 can probably help u out on that light


Ipower 600w hps for flower and the mh for veg got it on amazon for 225 i think


Same here just a little bigger I love the lights the work great do u think ? But I heard ipower kicked out around 6 months u have it long


Awesome you got your light!


Yes it’s huge man like 3 x bigger then 600 watt check it I got the 35 watt Vivosun air pump u can run 6 lines I think

. They got deal on amazon right now for 1000 watts


They said I gave them the wrong address I said how then today it came finally I was excited :exploding_head:


Bad ass light u got there @Lostscuba sure to get some phat buds out of tgat


But it screw wit my cameras crazy and I got my ph pens from🗽 Can someone tell what the packets are for


The packets are to calibrate your meters just follow instructions on back


May want to order some more of those packets as they don’t last long. You can reuse the solution a few times if you bottle it up. I only reordered the 4.0 and 6.86 packets. I never used the 9.18 because the ranges I was testing for fell between the 6.8 and 4


Is 6.5 bad ??? I need more information how to use it what do I do any one @Covertgrower


Get some distilled water. Pour two separate containers with 250ml ( 1 cup). Pour 4.0 into one container, pour 6.86 into the other. Stir it and let the solution dissolve. You now have a reference for your meter. Ph testing the 4.0 should be 4.0. And likewise 6.86 should read 6.86. If your meter doesn’t read these values, it needs calibrated. And you can use the solutions to calibrate it. Just read the “how to calibrate” in your ph pen instructions.


@Lostscuba 6.2-6.5 is acceptable. @Bobbydigital covered you.


Ok thanks guys hey @Covertgrower found this guy on Kajiji that’s has buckets pumps hose every thing like 8 buckets grabbing it for 80 bucks


@Lostscuba sorry I forgot to mention 6.2-6.5 is acceptable for soil grow.
5.5-5.8 for hydro is acceptable.

Phew. Didn’t want to steer you wrong there for a second.