Show and Tell weekly pics


Ahhhh. Bet bet. Bag of skittles level variety __


Lol they are blowing up even the ones in the Canadian bubbler but dam amazon said they couldn’t find my house they have brought 100 packages here so I didn’t get my 1000 watt hps choked man


then I Rigg this up works good so far.


I got five set up I even bought a 60 gallon air pump I should got that industrial air pump I got pumps everywhere :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


So I can’t find rootfarm stage 3 I checked every where in Sudbury Walmart c-tire


There’s no three wit rootfarm only one and 2 but today I get my 1000watt mh so I’m pumped they couldn’t find my house yesterday wit is bull they been here 100 times @Covertgrower do u think my closet could handle a 1000 watt mh


How big is it? I have no idea but the dimensions will help


Sh-t my bad it’s my closet 7 feetlong 5 feet high and it angled because of the roof so it’s weird but it’s 86 f in there when :bulb: light is on it drops to 60 65 when it’s off because it’s right against the roof


Yo this sum thing is eating my leafs ?


Looks like it to me. N from the size should be something big and seeable. Have also seen that funny deformation from funky phing but usually grows out like that. Im guessing thats newish/overnight damage. Look for big bugs. Like catepillar or slugs or crickets


I’m taking every pot out and checking on the hunt :face_with_monocle::face_with_monocle:


Yo this plant is the same age of the others I don’t know what happened but I cut clones should she be a mom or smoked


With the damage? Id never mother an unhealthy plant… if wonky pH or possible bugs it isnt worth the uphill battle. You mother ur healthiest hardiest most potent ladies


Yea it’s only one leaf I put a couple lady bugs to in there it’s twice the size of her sisters it’s the same age way better I’m putting it in bud away first day I took 4 clones last night


Ahh. Be safe regardless. One bug can wreck an op


Shit yea I’ve had my share of :ant: :bug: but I think :thinking: it will be ok I’ll catch the little bugger tonight


I already cut clones last night gonna grab couple more then bud it just sitting here waiting for my 1000watt light anyone know if I can put my 1000 watt light in my closet switching it out for my 600 watt


Your closet will be fine as along as you have a decent fan to move the heat out. @Lostscuba


Yea I got a honey well in there it’s hot with a 600 wat 83 to 86 and up sum times I’m sitting here waiting for it :face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth::exploding_head::face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth::flushed: they said my house was wrong address I said u delivered to me here 100 times just pissed off could of had it yesterday and already set up


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