Show and Tell weekly pics


Ak ok… i guess its difficult to find black in the right sizes huh ?


Yea I looked everywhere man I want even bigger but no luck yet


Gotta do what you gotta do. Where there is a will there is a way :metal:the black gaffer tape might actually help with insulation too… maybe :thinking:


Hopefully it does this things got wheels and everything lock tight tabs that’s why it caught my :eye:


heres my girls


They are getting there my friend have u Ben topping it for more bud ? I ran outta likes


Topping and some bending have not done anything with them recently


Looking damn fine indeed! :muscle:t5::muscle:t5::muscle:t5:

N the clones killing it Scub


They are growing nicely my friend. Looking like baby hedge bushes :joy:


What u growing it looks great ?:+1: :v::sunglasses:


I know they are blowing up another 20 or 30 days get clones and flipping to bud I want a couple pounds this time and did you see the purple macronie she’s moving fast


But look at this master peace this plant was budding took a long time to get her back on track she stinks :mask: like goodness

og kush I’m guessing it’s a mysterious one


This is a mystery strain I sprouted and it’s damn stinky already (ignore the tag, just helps me remember where it’s from)


Nice it’s a Indica the leafs help. Narrow it down a bit. Some nice clones on there


I’m taking the root farm challenge going to grow one plant with root farm soil nutes they are half the price so let’s see if they keep up to normal nutes


I figure all purpose would of been 3 but I guess I gotta go see if there’s a third one here’s the contestant true og clone from my first sick plant that didn’t make it but her clones did

then here’s her mother


These are what I’m growing now every one made it good strain


What are the new clones? If all took that is solid


No those are the ones that I’m growing now not little no more almost up to ten buckets so 6 four of them are 3 gallons 2 are 5 gallon got a bag of goodness


I do have new clones tho afgan blue berry og. Ture og ![image|374x500](upload://