Show and Tell weekly pics


Think ima drop a couple n 12/12 from seed them. Never can have too much weed right


doing great


What’s the question


No idea man. That whole convo escalated quickly. I wantd to know if the magnetism from hps could be harmful. But i believe he was asking for brand recommendations


They are getting there height just remember when u switch they will go even higher


Yea I’m still with yea hope it doesn’t I have one going right behind aday


Any one know how root farm nutes are I grab some be here’s the finished box @peachfuzz @PurpNGold74.


4 weeks of flower. Aren’t they pretty girls


So because your plant res is so short , your going to have to use that as a nft type of system… :wink:
Im going to be doing a whole room build out pretty soon , if i get this house… it will be a vegg and flower room build out… and i will show you all the in’s and out’s of the build… :wink:
Hopefully by the middle of next month… and ive got my hands on a big surprise… :thinking::grin::smile::sweat_smile::rofl::joy:



Yea I wanted it short I’m putting rod bubblers but the lid locks air tight I no it’s addictive building em and this one was hard because the plastic brake like glass so I had to heat up a knife with a lighter lol​:exploding_head::face_with_monocle::sunglasses:


Yes those girls are killing it I never had white bud before you using soil or organic


I have 8 foot to the ceiling should be ok i hope


Yea definitely are u going wit ballast or led @Medic58


Ballast only 400w looking to upgrade after this grow


Yea they have deal on right now 1000 watt ballast but it doesn’t come with socket just the ballast I’ve been using a 600 watt for a year the plants love :heart: it spent a bunch on grow stuff so that I have it when I need


But I might of bought stuff I didn’t need but what ever when u flipping to 12 an 12


Who has them i have a hood and scocket but no ballast got it at a yard sale for 30.00 it says its a 1000w hydro farm


Amazon Vivosun there’s 4 I’ll tag u in my thing wit the links page 204


You find it if your in the states it’s probably cheaper


My Fruit Punch Auto :heart_eyes: