Show and Tell weekly pics


Yup. Nah no magnet. Aluminum plate. And 10 - 2ft long led strips

Want a link?


Yea so I’m running one is it making me sick being by it all the time


Ahh really? Never heard that but i suppose its possible


No I don’t know if I am but when he said it it didn’t sound good


@BigDaddyCain and @Grandaddy013 also @garrigan65 all use hps and are hella knowledgable. Any of u guys ever heard of this?


Yea because I was ready to buy another trying to find one I got 4 in my price range it’s on my hydroponic page


I use a galaxy ballast 400 600 select a watt with turbo.


Lol they even got them turbocharged yea almost ready to get. 1000 watt ballast but don’t know what ones good if u can help me out I’ll tag u an u can see the links


I can i have some knowledge on the subject if that was towards me that is


Had to be. I know nothing on the subject


Yea for @Killadruid I just tagged u the ballast I’m looking at the links are there


Almost done @PurpNGold74


Oooooo sh!t. Finna dabble in hydro i see


Yea making the switch I need more weed with soil is not enough


All that farking weed u got growing around there?!?!


Yea soon all hydroponic just mother’s in soil I almost burnt through my crop out already


Damn bro. Same here tho. ShowOff didnt make it much further then a week. N PT has 3 nuggs left in the jar. Luckily i left some of her on stem n just chopped this week. Gave her almost a week of FREEZING and darkness. N watered with below 50 degree water.


Wow bro that looks good should off bred her lol like a rich hoe


O i did! Have 2 clones. One flowering. And bred her with a Afghan Hash male. Got about 20 seeds so far. :+1:t5:


Yea my a try to do something with hash passion got to regular