Show and Tell weekly pics


Dam bro just like ice


Check what I’m whipping up


Thank u i think the mixture of the hps and the leds are really brining the frost out the lower buds are nice and frosty small but alot of frost


Definitely what nutes u using


Aroura soul synthetics players pack and terp tea bloom from roots organics. Also i was using roots from house of garden, roots organics terp tea grow, with the player pack in veg. Oh almost forgot roots organics foundation as a top feed in veg and part way threw flower for the extra cal mag. They just came out with a new liquid cal mag im using next time. I was feeding up at around 2000 ppms thru most of flowering jist started droping it down now a little. My last run off ppms were 2400ppms after 2 of phed water i got them to drop to 1300 feeding in 2 days of a 1500ppm feeding.


I still haven’t got that ph under control waiting on the testers but it sounds like you really cared for them good stuff :+1:


I just gave my girl his first does off bud candy last night see how that pans out


I was really looking into getting that. Ive got a ph of around 6.6 run off atm. But they r happy and exploding so may as well let them ride.


What ever works right as long as ur happy


Just looking at ballast don’t know what ones better do u know anything about light


I would you mix your terp tea in with your water when feeding? Then add foundation as a top feed?


Haha its double sided. Ima Laker/Ravens fan. And purp is one of my fav strains.

And mid late flower id get around 2200 ppms as well. Feed em!


In flower i would mix it with some water to dampen it because its a little powdery but i just put both as the top feed then watered over them. 1 Tbsp of each flr my 7 gal pots.


I have been like crazy i will prolly end up feeding around 2000 ppms lol. Just wanted to qork some salts loose from the coco.


O i gotcha. A semi mini flush is good for biz usually


I ran out likes to so much to see so little likes


Im always outta likes man. 20 hours to go


Do u use ballast hps or mh


Me? No sir. I have a DIY EB strip build. 200w


Ok :ok_hand: u built it and some guy said that it’s a magnetic the ballast