Show and Tell weekly pics


Haha i started it June 27. Wow


@Hogmaster looks so yummy I could eat it I’m battling Spider mites had to change most of my soil @lostscuba

jack hair


I have gnats everywhere. Looks like a DE bomb exploded in my growroom lastnight. Hindsight i fed today, maybe should have DE’d tonight. But i hate those lil buggers. Waterd two days back to back last week. Think the extra dampness helpd them b fruitful.

Have to eradicate those mites tho. Fkers r tough


They come then they leave now there back I should use LED lights Buggs can’t live under the light


Nah. Im using high quality leds and i can attest to the facts that bugs can and will live under it. Gnats, lady bugs, pretty much anything imo


Ok but it’s I the advertising they promote it but never know with chinnez probly lies I know LED makes the plants mature better I got the 1200 watt LED it’s works great


O yea. More efficient ‘bang for ur buck’. My light draws 200w at the wall but is flowering 6 bushes n providing light for countless clones. I take 4 a day :joy::joy::joy:


Very nice …how long have you been growing for. .will post some pics of my critical mass and gold leaf from ilgm…only second week of flowering still puny as…cheers dude…happy harvest.


Been growing outdoor my whole life I just started indoor this would be my second indoor grow just running outta space if I had more room id bee Rich @CharlieDumont


Look at Mia girls

all sick


There looking better today. Getting perky like this giant Afghan clone ![image|375x500](upload://bE

YPuOZtyWY0CVMvOHAo7QF4kx4.jpeg) gonna use this as a Xmas tree


Merry Christmas!


Im finally getting started! Lol!


She’s up n running! Im beyond ready to drop but scared as hell with my illegal status as is. May wait for New Years


I feel that.
Luckily growing recently became legal here, so there is one less thing to be nervous about.


Definitely. Once u get that freedom its like ‘drop those seeds bishes!!’


And I did end up getting my ILGM seeds too, so after this grow, I’ll be trying some Chocolope! :smiley:


@raustin is the chocoloupe queen (along with most other preferred queens) but cant wait to watch her grow


This first batch is 5 random seeds, but they all germinated quickly, and are growing strong. So I have hope that it has some potential. I’ll mess with it until I feel more confident planting the good quality seeds. Lol


Thats a great plan. Wish i would have practiced germination and planting more before cash level genetics. Wasted at least 10 autos trying diff germ processes