Show and Tell weekly pics


The one on the left and the ufo one are cheap Ebay lights and the one on the right is a mars hydro 300 its the 3rd time with them and im happy with them but im getting a spectrum king closet case 140w very soon


I got mine off amazon it’s says 1000 watts but never no I see the same light and they say they are different but I think they just change the box


@Lostscuba amazon lights are always overrated how much they use. Look on your light description and check “actual watts”.


265 v 60 hz. Is what it says


@Lostscuba at least you know.

Saw your tag from “weight of your harvest thread”
Are you asking if I have a grow journal?
I have a grow journal in the lab, should I start one here?


Yea definitely it’s good to see how everyone does their thing every one has different ways so it’s only 265 v


What do u think about this

do u think it works @Liljoe


I’ll get started, and tag you. When I post. Thanks for the suggestion.
Those PH meters are known to be very inaccurate.
A digital PH meter will work the best for just about $5 more.


It’s already here and took a month but yea get her done let’s see what u got u said lab. Lol can’t wait I got more then last time but gonna try


@Lostscuba there’s another forum it’s called “bergmans support lab” it’s for growers, with usually more experience. There are some beginners there, so we have all sorts of folks there. If you run into an issue and need help, there are other experts there to give you the best advice.
It’s much more relaxed there.
I wish I did have a lab though.


Yea here it is free and you learn by reading others stuff I like it here I get help went they can I would already be in the industry of weed if I didn’t have a criminal record in Canada it means ur done so I gotta try to work through other ppl that don’t have one I’m cheap


i just started hydroponic nevernew how to before I joined here but I still got these sisters see how fat I can get em Afghan reg cbd and tch


Bottom grow weird with this strain always that’s how I know it’s mine


I have Afghan, she’s short and fat at tbe moment. @Lostscuba


Ok there mom was ten feet tall crazy still got weed from it 8 zips I think I just got this pump to from China gonna see how it works to move water from Rez to plants


I tried these at the local hardware. I poked the same bag of potting mix with 5 different gauges (same brand) and got 5 different results… I call :ox::poop:


O the soil checker???


Yeah the Soi checker


Yea I bought it months ago now just getting it’s in my mail box I use drops but getting a 6 in one thing trying stuff out learn as I go I’m on fixed income


Here’s my new batch