Show and Tell weekly pics


Thats how my diesel leaves were shaped. Super thin long n spaced out. Morning my man :facepunch:t5:


I think tonight is the night buds are hanging all over don’t want bud rot I’ve had a fan in there the hole time idiot understand and that’s a indicia Afghan reg it has cbd and thc @Covertgrower @Liljoe. @PurpNGold74


Been running that strain for a year now every time she gives


What kind of exhaust fan do you have again @Lostscuba ? I am growing afghan.


Just using fans for now and heater they are my best strains afgan reg gonna try sumthing with afgan reg and hash-passion most of my plants are afgan moving on to next


Highly suggest to get an exhaust fan to exchange air flow. Otherwise the air gets stale, and the plants don’t get their co2 they need.
No ventilation can cause a lot of issues. @Lostscuba


Yea because of me smoking too will that affect them yes I getting stuff slowly as I can afford I try I just cut 3 down do u want to see Afghan s made room fun r more


Knowing is half tbe battle @Lostscuba


Yea I know learning that the hard way Learn as I go I se

e smoke going in there all the time


CherryPie clones coming along


One of my GSC that has been in flush mode for 6 days now, getting some cool colouring
@Lostscuba @peachfuzz

The GSC I harvested early almst 2 weeks ago, due to root bound issues and lack of smoke lol was super good :blush: Cant wait to hang this girl. Was gnna chop her today but decided to give her a 3rd flush with flawless finish last night and give her a few more days to watch the colours change some more and let her plump up just abit more


Wow thats just beautiful reminds me of the colors of this crystal meth. Not my plant but would like to get some seeds.


My happy girls


First grow, 3rd week after switching to 12/12. Clockwise from top left:
Gold Leaf
Gorilla Glue

All from feminized ilgm seeds.

I’m pushing it as far as my grow space. I think I have too many small bud sites (especially the 2 on the left) but unsure which ones to cut. I wouldn’t have made it this far without this awesome forum. :+1:


These are my new girls but my Afghan are still not done :sweat_smile::sweat_smile::star_struck::crazy_face:

pretty much slept all day cleaning plants all night probably end up with half p had to make a move plants were dying :face_with_monocle: @Liljoe @Covertgrower @PurpNGold74 starting all over but the plants I put in are turning green again


She’s greasy love it it looks nothing like crystal meth more like sugar tree


Can’t wait to odder off them 2 seeds didn’t gerament chem og there freebees but gonna pop some more purple macronie good job hold out as long as u can @poundcake @GreenCoat. @Medic58


Just found out gotta find another doctor before June my old company not given out medical documents be cuz we can grow are own instead of buying off them so they think we just go buy it off them told them to keep they proscription this might be my last grow


Only cheap lights at the moment but i got BlackBerry kush,gold leaf,chronic widow and jack herer and these girls are in week 3


I got the 1000watt led looks like the one on the left with 2 fans where did u get it from and lights are lights I used lamps upside down we work with what we got