Show and Tell weekly pics


Its past time for me to drop more but im waiting patiently for my new class… ima bout to set in off in this motha…

What u dropping next go?


Hash passion And true og and maybe a new seed Oder I’ll see how it goes


But I got of miss sicky half quarter not to bad for a Shiite plant it’s sticky


Plus I got sour kush and white widow purple Maroc that I’m gonna clone the sh-t out of em but look at this white widow just funny looking


Forgot bout the purple macaroni. I got pink kush n auto dark purple coming. N some blue fire n berry bomb. N a few others


Nice i usely try new seeds there a sale on my site was looking at some hard to decide just keep me updated I still got clones to so after i finish em it look around


I’ve bought pink kush it’s good I got it from the dispensary and my hindo kush auto is growing slow as f,… the Marco just moving along


How was the smoke? It was a freebie throw in but id love to catch a pink pheno and knock her up. The berry bombs are reggies. So def looking for a boy in the 10 pack


It was good smoke I went and got it a couple of times after I go for any kush is my go to I try not to go for regular ones same they are free bees from my producer


Ah. U know i like to let my plants get NSFW. :wink: but if im only getting a couple then fems it is


Yea for sure I’ll try it one time but how much does it cost to get 96 plants to grow where u r


Uh… our legal max here is 0 :joy::rofl::joy: Mississippi boy if u aint growing for Ole Miss. u aint growing :wink: well except me. Im growing alot :grinning:


Cost 400 here to grow 96 plants and u can’t sell it but u can give it away and that’s 10 grams a day I think


This is the cost 50 grams per day – $800 (allows you to grow 244 plants indoors)
40 grams per day – $700 (allows you to grow 195 plants indoors)
30 grams per day – $600 (allows you to grow 146 plants indoors)
20 grams per day – $400 (allows you to grow 98 plants indoors)
10 grams per day – $300 (allows you to grow 49 plants indoors)
5 grams per day – $200 (allows you to grow 25 plants indoors)


That can do you just put it on the ground and let it go or gotta get the hook ups


Thats not a bad deal. Where u from again?


Ontario the nickle city Sudbury all Canada nickel comes from here


Ahhhh. Canada… land of the potheads n mooses? Meese? :man_shrugging:t5::sweat_smile::joy:


We call them swomp donkeys I hope my moms gets to be license producer I hope she gets it then I can really go off but unfortunately I’m stuck playing in my closet there’s nothing like it around here and she works at CRA