Show and Tell weekly pics


A better treatment for wpm is straight 3% peroxide: it dissipates into water and O. Will not harm plants. Great for spider mites too. Baking soda is highly alkaline and it is possible to burn leaves with too strong a mixture. It will also clog the stomata preventing the plant from transpiring through the leaves.


Ok thank you to much banking Soda it’s been week sense lest feeding but should I start need stock or just wing it and see what happens? And flush them too ?


The nute burn is your main problem now; you don’t want to seriously retard your plants if at all possible. I would increase airflow as suggested and get your nutrient regime on track. Using a spray bottle with peroxide in it to spot spray (just before dark) won’t harm anything either.


Ok I’m flushing them now the ph was all over the place does it matter if the soil is pro mix the weed one. @Newbrn


I don’t know what to do u there I guess I wing it


my room is all bent up buds hanging down should I pin the up it’s just a big ass mess


It’s not WPM White Powdery Mildew looks like this which his plants don’t have.


Thank you so were good I didn’t start using food tell started budding


Get in that room and spend some hours getting practice organising your plants for :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: sake :sweat: its :sweat_smile:


Yea I heAr yea they are almost done I had them out and cleaned the room now there bent top heavy


Ask around there is plenty solutions for supporting buds in pots


I just tied them should be ok


How many plants? Are they all different strains?


Yes all different but 2 and there Afghan reg sisters one was put in before the other and they are the same size. 6 plants


Ok being all different strains make sense.

I was thinking, if they’re all the same strain why wouldn’t you just focus on maximizing two or three plants instead of struggling with six of the same.

All good!


My bad bro. Im in and out often. Usually most active during business hours :joy:


Yea I like to have couple strains my next ones gonna flower sooner cuz I gotta nuckle them before they hit the roof


Same here man. Variety is the spice of life. Counting clones, next run should have 4 strains from this grow. And at least 6 new ones


Yea that’s the way to go every new seed I clone 100 or so then bud it I like to have more then one because if I don’t like one I go to the next one tell I find what I like


I’m a couple weeks from harvest so I already have plants to replace the one I plucked