Show and Tell weekly pics


I checked it and it’s around 8 weeks no and I fed them like 3 days ago should I stop I had to take one out it’s looks like shit

She’s dead she had the👏


What are your thoughts on this @SlowOldGuy ?


they look 1-3 weeks from mature…???
also looks like White Powdery Mildew is still on them…???

gotta get the cause of the mildew pin pointed and the problem resolved.!!
then treat them with dusting/wetting Sulfur, use it as a spray and follow the directions.!

if u r having mildew problems u may end up with bud rot, find it and fix it SOON.!!


outdoors W. P. Mildew is not a huge problem, just an annoyance,
a Sulfur treatment every couple weeks and they r good to grow,

indoors a WPM problem can be mentally devastating,
spraying indoor plants with anything in mid to late flower can induce bud rot.!
the mildew impregnates into grow room materials, can be years of battle when that happens,
not to mention the WPM is robbing the girls of nutrients when present.!


just go down to 1/2 or 1/4 strength of what u were giving them.!
1/4 strength from now until chop is probably best.!!
then just check the trichomes every 4-7 days until ready.!


No it’s not in my buddin room it’s on the ones in the kitchen and it’s gonna be 8 weeks I’ve been treating all the ones I think and that one in the pic is the one that’s been doing it that’s why I took it out


The pic i just showed you is the one that I took out it’s just not growing show of took it out along time ago I’ve been cleaning them one by one I just chopped that one I just showed u the soil smells like blue mole so I put it out side @SlowOldGuy


same thing…


Yea I’ve been doing it sense the other guy told me and thanks for the help and I for sure don’t have bud rot just to much leave on leave action I think :thinking: I got in under control haven’t found any white flakes


She’s gone I just chopped her she wasn’t growing I should of kill it along time ago every plant was growing good except her the moldy bi…h that’s why I can’t wait to get rid of soil and just hydroponic it up


Look it how heavy she is

@peachfuzz @Liljoe @Covertgrower @SlowOldGuy does it look like there’s mold in there ???


@Lostscuba way too far to see if there’s any mold. Close up of suspected area under normal lighting.


ok I’ll try to get some nice ones


@Lostscuba I’m not seeing any mold.
Are you sure you’re not looking at trichomes that look white and sugary?


No see now look at this


The first ones were from my bud room and then the last was from my kitchen I’m cleaning my bud room just incase


I see it now. Does it wipe off? It looks more like dust than mold.
Do you have enough air circulation though the canopy?


No I didn’t but now I do I got a fan blowing on them plus I’ve been misting them with soap and water


wetting/dusting Sulfur.!!
other stuff may work, but Sulfur will kill WPM.!
used as directed it is safe to consume, but i would quit using sulfur 2-3 wks before harvest.

if the problem persists, i might wanna look into a Sulfur burner.


in post #287 it looks like WPM,
i think they have been washed with baking soda since…??
been asked a few times, but i have not seen a response to the ‘will it wipe off’ question yet.!