Show and Tell weekly pics


Super cropping can help your yields if done correctly. I got 20grams more wet doing that just once. From one plant. @Lostscuba


And they use the cuttings to grow as a clones unreal I thought u couldn’t do that have to try it


Yes @Lostscuba you can make clones with cuttings.
You also can make a monster cut clone.
This is where you switch to flowering, and then 2 weeks into flower you take a clone. It grows crazy, but strain pending, the whole plant could have a cola on it.


There so many ways to do stuff I bent my tops down now so the little ones can come up hopefully get some more clones I got a bunch in veg still just seeing what ppl can do helps so much yea they say the cutting u get of the plant in bud u can grow them never would of thought about it my buds are crystal as f… the light is burning some leaves had to move shit around


Do you guys sell seeds to Canada or just USA gonna have to try some out if I can any recommend seeds to try🇺🇸 @Liljoe @Covertgrower @Hogmaster


ILGM will not ship to Canada. @Lostscuba there are other seedbanks, but none that can be mentioned per forum rules.


Hmm, thats disappointing :neutral_face: I did not knw ILGM didnt ship to Canada, was looking forward to trying some in the future :confused:


I don’t recall why, but I remember there’s a hang up in customs I think. @Liljoe


Thats too bad, always something in the way.
Thanks @Covertgrower


I guess I am lucky tho, I have atleast 5 shops within a 10 min drive of me that I can purchase seeds from. No need to get them shipped but would be nice to try some of ILGM seeds. I hear the goldleaf is good


@Liljoe out of likes. If you know someone in the ‘States you can have them ship them to you. I’ve heard good things about the goldleaf also. Never tried it though.


one of my girls having beginners problems but thanks to all you guys pointing me in the right direction I’m thinking they are going to be great


That’s a bummer it’s cheaper for 10 seeds off ilgm cost same thing only get 5 off other seed banks


It really is. Like is said just do a search of cannabis seeds, and you’ll find a seedbank that will ship to you. @Lostscuba


Yea I got one already cost 20 just for shipping u get it with em 3 days but they should have ilgm Canada :canada:


One of my
GIRL SCOUT COOKIES 7 weeks 2 days into flower


Nice in green what kind of light u using ? I’m still trying to figure it out mine are nice green tell I put them in bud then they go al stupid


I got some dispensary’s in my town too that’s what I’m growing now og. True og jack blueberry they call smoke signals :canada: They got alright seeds no problems but I Odder some of line too I wish I could gram some off ilgm get 20
For same price @Liljoe


View from my weed dungeon. 6 weeks n 2 days. Show me the amber ladies!!


They are gorgeous mine look a little sick but dam I’ll trade yea fat colas