Show and Tell weekly pics


Yes I feed twice a week.constantly check my ph, and use mollassas every time they get a’ll k ow if you over do thw nutes, when the tips of leaves to that case flush em well and start over


Do u feed fresh cut clones?


No I usually cut them, clip the leaves, scrape the stem alil and put under a humidity dome for a week during that time I mist em as often as I can even after I have roots and put in forever home the first couple feedings I do half strength


Ok thank you I thought so some one was telling me to feed them and I thought you don’t feed them tell they root


I also fixed my leaf problem ran lots of water through it then the last water I put through I put nutes the yellowish leaf are turning green again thanks for the help guys I talking about my plants in budding first time using food and my plant were all ready in bud five weeks before I feed them an who says u can’t grow 8 plants mothers under a 1000 watt led


7 weeks third feeding you can tell the difference :grinning::partying_face::partying_face::canada:


Yes you can! It’s crazy how fast some plants grow!:+1::v:


auto haze from one of theses dispensary in my town what do u think . Yea they get bigger by the day smell so good the one in the middle is my own Afghan strain second generation clone


So I said f it and popped my hindo kush wish me luck


I just read that a 600 watt light. Is good to cover up 12 to 30 don’t know if that’s true but anyway should I start flowering these plants

Here’s cola city


Looking hella nice over there Scuba! Damn fine. Buds everywhere!! And ida voted Purple or Chem. So u win anyway :joy::joy:. Clone both. U know u will


Blueberry autos are getting close. Maybe a couple more weeks and it will show lots of Amber I hope.




Very nice!


I would breed that for sure lol


Of course if it makes it purple macro is the first one up white widow commented sue-side now it’s just hindo kush and chem I think :thinking: they are late it’s 7 weeks already and it says on the pack 60 to 75 days for flower time and @Painfree that looks amazing man the colour just popps


But I got the Canadian Bubbler hooked up I put a clone in it see how it works I put a clones in the home mad bubblers still no root we will see if store bought bubbler will do better @PurpNGold74 @Liljoe @Covertgrower thanks for the help guys I’m gonna take a plant out and take pics can u tell me how long u think


Looks like u have abit longer to go yet. Looking good tho @Lostscuba
Have u checked colour of trics yet?


Few more weeks to go. I usually wait until all the pistols are brown. I would start checking trichomes now though. @Lostscuba


Ok I will check them tonight they smell really good soon as I open my door I can smell It but the longer I wait the better it just smells so good I watched a video on YouTube about super cropping what do u think about that @PurpNGold74 @Liljoe @Covertgrower