Show and Tell weekly pics

see like this week two of flowering 400 watts a mixed batch og true og jack hair blueberry bangie haz


Week 3 and half

chesse is the one budding Al the rest should be budding soon will show pic through out the grow time1542168143302103048153


Then there’s these veggies all kinds


Share your grow we can all work together help has anyone hear of malasses

There’s a few people using molasses in flowering. But I’m stuck on who it was. @PurpNGold74 might remember who.

I have used with great success in early veg and in flower. Gotta be unsulphered and black strap. It has all the good stuff.
It works very well. I use 1 tsp/gal


Dangit… not quite sure who… but looking good in that closet!

End of Week 5 veg


Yea same to you friend gets better every time

How long any guess

15423464366021893618015 really only one person shows u guys suck

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Pic kinda blurry. Hard to tell but she looks good n stinky

Daf she does but she was a auto flowering so I couldn’t get her bigger before budding

Here’s my veggies

15424127916691775166193that’s then this is now


,come on guys who else has a closet full of weed


Im just getting my setup going, so I have nothing to show, yet! But I cant wait until I do! Lol


Nice. That’s a good start I got clones u around Sudbury

What kinda light u gonna use u can get a 600 watt ballast for 140 to 200 ipower or vivosun

I have a 600w LED on the way right now, and a few smaller supplemental LEDs for the sides.
I wish I was near some of the people here! But Im from Michigan, US.
I’ve been so excited about getting it all started that I can barely sleep. Lol.
Hardest part is getting seeds. I know we can buy them from here online, but the payment methods make me nervous :frowning:


Will have no problems led is good for bug’s like they can’t live under the led

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Thanks for the advice, but just a heads up before someone else beats me to it, you may want to remove that link before someone else suggests you dont have it here – since this site sells, ya know?