Show and Tell weekly pics


How big is your tent or u using a room


4x4x7 ft tent was filled all the way to the walls waith buds. Started jaring the first bubblegum tonight have a bunch of popcorn buds in one jar 25 grams not to bad for just a couple smaller branches


Yea that’s a bit bigger then my closet I grew bubble gum last summer it was good


If you use dwc do the roots have to be in the water or they can hang 3 in then in the water I’ve been buying piranha for root rot and give it to my plants seems to work a bit but now it’s back and I’m out coat to much


I would say 1 to 2 inches of roots above water line.


Well finally done 1 plant 6 hrs of trimming. And still have some clean up after.


5 weeks old tomorrow


This is there begin

This is clones under 1000 watt here’s the moms 600 watt is working well and it’s in a bigger space they are just so green it was the best move I could of made moving a 600 watt to my kitchen I could bud them if I could make it dark and Jorge cervevt says the 600 hps is the best bang for your buck !


@Lostscuba here’s a couple picks of the tops of the buds :sunglasses::v::call_me_hand:


Hey @PurpNGold74 here’s my canadian scrog with out bet it’s bent to hold all the weight instead of net


Looking good man nice colour to it I can see crystals good :eyes: The face with the eye glass is gone


Yours are :eyes: good too my friend. :sunglasses::+1::v:


That’s been my mother I don’t even know the strain but it smells like good weed yea bro I banged out like 25 clones I might of got em all I just took the lids off my bubblers here this is what I got going know


That’s crazy man. You got it goin on. Keep on keeping on!! :sunglasses::v::+1:


Yea my I’m trying but some of em got root rot gonna need those wraps for the bucket so it just shines off instead of making it hot plus I put 4 plants into bud gonna see how the kitchen works


Day 10 of flower mk ultra and gorilla glue from ilgm


Hindu Kush clones in week 4 of flower. :call_me_hand:t2:


Looks amazing :+1::call_me_hand::v:


You got it goin on man!!:v::+1:


Lol just like me stuff as many as you can :sunglasses::sunglasses::smirk: