Show and tell week 5 of flower

End of week 8 FF feeding. Soo goin into week 5 of flower🥰 Bruce banner( the big tall one in the back) 3 skywalker ogs, 2 black widows and 1 chem dog#4
They are all coming along nicely right now. Knock on wood lol :wink:


3 days from the beginning of 5th week.


Damm those are nice…mine are gonna take a lil longer I’m pretty sure. The chemdog says 10-12 weeks flower

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They look good but honestly there are people growing baseball bat sized colas on here lol

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Why don’t mine look like that yet???:thinking::thinking:

Just looking at the plants stretching I would say lighting. But that is a guess. Marijuana grows optimal growth at 50 to 80 watts per square foot if I recall correctly. My light puts down 45.5 watts per square foot in my tent. But so many factors go into bud size and density. Any one or two of the factors not met will lead to small buds. Usually a combination of things. However I would let other more experienced tent growers comment before taking my word for it. I am just telling you what I have read researching and get a general consensus on the information. All subject to change because there is no set schedule that you can slap on a grow and it be a breeze. Read, ask lots of questions and experiment.

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What kind is this?

White widow x big bud

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