Show and tell! First grow

Hi y’all, just wanted to show boat my prize possession. I think I’m doing it right! This is 7 weeks with 650 watt light, 4x4 tent, 6 inch vent, 3500 sq ft dehumidifier venting into my Mars hydro vent to expel heat, foop nutrients, 20/4 light cycle, seeds from ilgm! 7 gallon pot, water every 24 hours and nutes, spray foilage with ionic minerals everyday, what do y’all think… I’m feeling proud. I don’t smoke… all for edibles!
How much weight you think I’ll have?


Stacked tent! Did a good job with those. As for weight, it’s nearly impossible to tell through pics.


True, I guess I’m just going by ilgm details on my seeds, they say about 6 if done right. Gorilla glue, Bruce banner , and girl scout cookies extreme