Shout out too ilgm genetics

Greetings and salutations, I used to post a lot for my first grow. I used ilgm seeds super mix pack and foop nutrients with 750watt Mars hydro led on 20 hour light. Anyways, I’m on my second harvest and I already harvested one of 5 plants. They are currently at 13 weeks 5 days. They are full bloom and love. I don’t smoke. I eat it all up with oil, honey , butter, grain alcohol extracts with perfect decarb. So this is a shout out to ilgm. . I’m growing organic and feeding these things the best thing ever. And theses things are ilgm!!! So give thanks to this community. Here’s my grow and in joy.

Wow! And all 3 of the sweet mix seeds are actually in there with the power pack gg, bb, gsc… So… Get ready for the sweetmix!!! Gelato, zkittles, and wedding cake! I know it will be next level. Also … Shout out to the medical community! I’m all edibles … It’s the best. This plant is 100 percent positive in the body. Smoking come with carcinogens so that’s not positive. Just saying … Organic makes everything make more sense and feel better . Also ,I’m single and a king . So I’m available for infinite connection with the divine. … be my friend.


Looks like a forest in there man! Nice!

Yes sir. That’s a Mars hydro ,4x4 tent. It’s drip city .

Wow. Nice trees you have. Incredible
Happy Harvest!


Looks danky in there

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wow, well done

Dang! Virgin forest growing there! :heart::heart:

How much LST and topping etc did you do?

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Thanks for asking… I did no stress techniques. My theory is that if you use the best ever genetics, best light, best nutrients, and organic… Then you don’t need to use techniques, because you are using the best meathod!

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96 days old! Just grow organic and do nothing other then check pH, and give nutrients.


Are you really saying you did no LST? :thinking:

That’s corrects. No Lst . No special techniques .

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All I do is take off the big leaves at the end of veg stage .

How do you keep the canopy so flat? :weight_lifting_man:

I apologize… I just remember . The one technique I do for each plant is simply tie the main cola to the handle of the pot and match the height with other colas. Other then that… I let the plant be the plant and deleaf after veg stage.

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Also, the back left plant is on the floor. The rest of the plants are propped up with boxes to match the height of your largest plant. Bruce banner is tall… Then some gorrilla. Already harvested gsc.

These are 97 days old. The front right is about 10 days behind… Popped late. Probebly harvest day 100.

Zkittles, gelato, w cake ready To go! They are hatched in their!