Shouldn't there be buds yet?


Hi all, Am I being impatient, or is it something else? BubbleGum auto, sprouted March 28th.,today is May 3rd. Shouldn’t I have buds yet? The plant is very healthy, pistils and calaxes everywhere, its very bushy, and it looks as if I clipped and fimmed the plant, but I didn’t. If anyone can help I’d appreciate it. Thanks.


An auto will do what it wants on its own time. Some people have put them on 12/12 to kick start them but I don’t teally think that matters. They have their own schedule and it should b soon


Hi Justgrowin. Ya? That’s what it is? O.K. That makes me feel better, I thought maybe it wasn’t an auto. And I actually did do that ( 12/12 ) for a couple of days. So I’ll just keep an eye out, thanks again for your reply.


It’s possible it isn’t. It’s been known to happen. Do u have pictures?


Yes I do, if I can figure out how to upload the photos I will


I’m sorry to be such a dumbass, but can someone direct me to where I can get info. on posting pics? I don’t see anything to click on. Thanks.


It’s the little grey arrow on the bottom right during your reply to upload pics.



Oh ya, I see it now. Thank you very much


I’ve got 13 or 14 tops like this. Is there a way to tell if its an auto, or if its close to budding?


This is another shot of the same plant.


U r budding. If u haven’t flipped your lights it’s an auto.


AWESOME…!!! THANK YOU! I’m so happy now. This is my first grow and I wasn’t sure. Thanks again…


Everywhere u see this will b a budsite. Congrats


I counted 14 tops that look like that. Thanks again, you made my night.


I’m going to have to make a list of exactly what, and when I fed her so I can repeat on other plants.


Good idea. Your foliage looks really healthy as well


Thanks Justgrowin, that means a lot to me since I’m total nube to this, and it being my first girl.