Should you germinate autoflowering seeds?


I am new at growing so i am going to start off with planting autoflowering seeds, i have been watching Youtube videos on how to plant them and i see some people germinate them so a little root comes out before planting them and i see some people just putting the seeds in the soil, what method is best for autoflowering seeds ?


Yep, paper towel, water. And at least two days you will see them sprout


Is there a big difference in the quality of a autoflowering plant and a regular plant ?


You can get all the info in the grow bible here it’s free to download. I germinate mine in a glass of water for 24 hours, I have done it in a paper towel also.


They usually won’t grow as big as regulars, this also means they usually do’t yield as much either, but they take less time, start to finish, generally. They might not be as potent either, but it might also be hard to tell, it depends on the strain and the breeder.