Should we trim top branches

A question from a fellow grower:

I have a question this is our first time at growing. I was diagnosed with t-cell lymphoma and wanted to grow some just for personal. A friend gave us 2 plants (Thelma & Louise) he said were stressed and probably wouldn’t bud, so we kinda started off bad…lol. My question is should we trim the top branches to make it bush out more? The stems on the top don’t seem to be as thick or strong enough to hold the bud. I have attached a couple of pics. Your expertise would be greatly appreciated.

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First up…put a small fan on them. This will help in making the stem strong and thick. It reall works.

Secondly, As long as there still in vegg stage sure absolutely.
You can also clone your trim. But that all depends on space.
Just in case you need it I added a link. to Roberts Bergman’s free book. You can download and you will finf everything you need to know… I hope this helps. If you need to ask any other questions please feel free to ask



Thanks. We have a small fan on them at all times, when the cat doesn’t knock it over Lol. They can’t get to the plants but they love the fan. They seem to be flowering good and we can see were buds are forming. We are concerned with the size of the stems they seem smaller at the top. Will they withstand the wt of the buds?

Get some bamboo plant stakes, 3-5/plant, assemble a “tomato cage” with them and string, circling the plants.

I wouldn’t cut those branches off unless you were planning on using them for clones.
Those top branches are what’s going to give you the most bud!
If you’re worried about them bending with weight, just add supports. Lots of people have to add support to branches once they flower. It’s ok!
If anything, you should “top” your plant. That will cause it to grow wider, more bushy.
They look good though!


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Thanks never done this before so all insight welcome smile: we will just wait and see if we need to add a stick to stable them. How do you " top" it?

I could try to explain it, but I doubt you’d really be able to understand. And it’s definitely something you need to know what you’re doing! My recommendation, go on YouTube and type in, “how to top cannabis”.
There are many good videos out there that taught me what all the pruning techniques are, as well as explains why people use each technique.

Now that I know that ther in flower I would top. To late. Unless you want a quick clone or two. Other wise no dont top.
And yes get them some kind of support and you’ll be fine.


I don’t think they mean actual flowering…I think what they’re seeing is the pre flowers growing.
@oly420 is this plant in veg or flower?
What is the light schedule you’re using right now?

small fan and a cage i usually use custom made ones from coated chicken wire and not to tall so light gets closer. it helps hold weight of branches and buds on them. i have a tent that i have a tent trellis for they work great too supporting the weight.