Should this be my last supplemental feed?

Im 5 weeks into flower and plan on feeding tomorrow or the next day. i feed every 3-4 days and want to know if i can get one more supplemental feed in (general hydroponics trio and cal mag) before i start flushing. Im going to attach pictures of the plant currently and tricome progression to help you guys give me the best advice.


I would think even with the most stringent or flush procedures you probably have a couple more feedings.

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Yeah I agree with dbrn I think you could go a couple more weeks even if you flush for 2 solid weeks. Your calyx’s are exploding which means they’re still packing on weight. I’d get as much as I could before shutting them down. And trichs are pretty clear. I personally like milky with minimal Amber but I’d let those go atleast another week. Check every day on multiple buds (not sugar leaves) as things can change quickly. They look scrumptious :drooling_face: great job

Im planning on harvesting around Nov 20-24th. Honestly i didnt know how long i needed to flush to make sure it was the best quality. Thank you.

You got like 3 or 4 more weeks before chop maybe 5 depending if going to 20%amber trichomes they still have a little bulk phase left it is hard for me when you get close and it’s hard using patience but it really pays off in the end product