Should plants be covered when it rains?

I grow in pots on my porch. When it rains it washes off the “white dust” from the leaves. Should I avoid having rain hit my plants if I can? Does this affect yield? Harvest is weeks away. Thanks!

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If you expecting extended periods of rain I would be more concerned about bud rot more than the plants getting wet I have my plants in a small green house which keeps them out of the rain but still need to watch high humidity in them when it rains for extended periods I run a fan the keeep air moving
Anyway I’ve seen others rig up clear plastic to help keep rain off buds and plants with good success I might add you might consider doing something like that if it’s a small shower I wouldn’t get to crazy about it they are plants after all but if you had it two or more days of constant rain in the forecast you might want to consider relocating or trapping them @iramidi

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is the dust food grade DE?

Are you having a specific issue that you are using DE for or just prevention? @iramidi

Really wet buds and high humidity during late flowering can lead to bud rot as @Countryboyjvd1971 pointed out.

I am growing a plant outdoors and it was going to rain for three days so i moved her inside. If I had a covered area I would move her under that, but I don’t.

I dont cover my plants when it rains. Not really feasible for me due to high wind conditions…luckily that very thing makes it okay for no umbrella. The wind makes sure the water gets dried off and doesn’t rot anything. I have had some intense rain here and they are still okay.

in the Northeast we are going thru a drizzly foggy high humidity stretch where one two or three of those factors daily!

It has been really challenging the last couple of weeks!


Thank you all.

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Man, ain’t that the truth. I harvested a few earlier than I’d have liked due to it. It looks like it’s going to break here in my neck of the woods. 3 more decent weeks is all I’m asking at this point …


My girls had a very soggy summer and fall.
No humidity in high country of Colo. I’ve had no trouble with rain or rot.

FYI to ilgm growers. Stem splitting works. In two days have more than tripled the trikes.

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Pics @Wes !

if rain does get on them just give a little shake to remove water.