Should my ww auto be over 100 cm tall?


My ww autos are now over 100 cm tall.Is this normal?


I have not grown a lot of white widow autos, but it sounds entirely within the approximate expected sizes depending on how it was grown, your plant may have stretched a lot and put more growth into vertical growth instead of growing as wide or bushy as normal because of various variables in your grow room, the type or intensity of lights and the size/shape of the space being the most likely contributors. The size of the container and the nutrient regiment can contribute as well.


I understand.


i got mine over 100cm and reach the top of the closet, so i just bend it until it crack ( not snap ) it will still grow nicely… my question is how to make the bud more dense? im running on DWC system, 250w hps, ph 6.5 and two parts of nutrient for fruit grow ( cant find any bloom nute at where i live). i attached some picture


It’s my understanding that to keep the plants from “stretching” to the light, it’s important to keep the light as close as you can without burning the plant. Otherwise, it will “reach” out toward the light and that’s where the long thin buds occur.


yes… agreed with you oldgoat…my mistake is before this i use 54w led grow light and 25w cfl before i bought hps( it takes bout 1 month to arrived) when its arrived already on flowering stage… its keep streching looking for lights making the plant sparse…light is the most important thing on growing indoors…cuz im new to this and its my first grow. i learn everything from this site…so is there anything i can do to make the bud more dense? thanks in advance