Should marijuana be legalized?

Reason:1 Legal marijuana can have better quality control, Which will eliminate harmful versions of it.

Reason:2 Since people smoke marijuana anyway, way not legalized it and enable the state to make money instead of drug dealers!

Reason:3 Marijuana has some health benefits such as pains relief and stress reduction.


100% agree, but tell that to people like Nebraskas governor.


Your number 2 … so the government will be the drug dealers then?.. and many of these “drug dealers” you talk about only do it to put food on the table for their familys …

Im all for legalised pot Theres only one person i know that has voted no before @Dave69

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I do agree with that. Before you know it the government will add addicting chemicals to it :bat: :crazy_face:

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So what can I blame? :joy: :joy: :joy: said the no voter :worried: @anon90946932

I mean seriously, you have a point there, allowing tobacco, cancer causing, addictive shit. They have extreme double standards. In fact they’re really f*cked up.
Think of what tobacco is costing the National health. If you’re a cigarette smoker there should be no such thing as free health. (but free health for the weed smoker) is that okay @anon90946932

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Ih, I’m all for growing weed Daffy, now help me choose some seeds will ya. @anon90946932


These 3 points you can apply them to most substances that are illegal.

I was once wondering how big the outcry would be if all canabinoids were to be illegal…

fun fact:
Hop is a canabinoid and main ingredient for beer.
You want more people to fight for cannabis legalisation, make beer illegal again :exploding_head::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


We legalized mushrooms…

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To be fair even after legalizing pot I bet there will still be more deaths from alcohol then marijuana every year (including indirects like car accidents) ,also that just goes to show you beer drinkers need their cannabinoid fix too


No, cannabis should not be legalized. Not before it is decriminalized.

What we’re seeing is monied investors creating a revenue stream from the same activity that’s locked up countless non-violent farmers. They are not trying to expand our rights, they’re trying to exploit cannabis consumers in a different way.

Once cannabis is fully decriminalized, then we can talk about creating commercial markets that allow equity and opportunity to coexist; it’s not equity if permitting requires a million dollars as bond. No other agricultural business works under those restrictions.


Yes yes and yes